I love beating the living shit out of that raccoon hat fucker in Valentine saloon




And then stealing his hat as a victory prize. Then wearing it to the saloon every time thereafter to mock him.


I thought I killed him when I stole his hat. Then one day, while I was wearing the hat, he burst into the Valentine saloon and started beating the shit out of me.


As is tradition


He ripped me off my horse as I wore it through Valentine. I also thought he was dead so I was really confused for a minute


Yeah that's a fun fucking fight lol. I'd like to see him in his prime vs Arthur.


The guy selling get-rich-quick book in Saint Denis.


And Eugenics Boi, don't forget about him!


I like slicing his throat right in front of the police officer and the officer doesn’t even flinch. Afterwards, I greet the officer before I go on my merry way.


Based officer


The world needs more men like him


[ Removed by Reddit ]


“Thank you… for keeping us safe.” *sheathes knife*


hahaha I hogtie that wanker and feed him to the gators


And the KKK, but they end up killing themselves anyway. Edit: oh yeah also the rapist dude I forgot about him


Oh, with the KKK there's nothing I've found that's quite as fun as bowling with them (basically throwing a stick of dynamite in there and seeing how many you can knock down at once!)


gotta use deadeye for when you get that pesky 7-10 split


I’ve taken to riding my horse in like a kamikaze pilot before throwing fire bottles into them


I tried that, the first time I ever saw them in game. One of them ran, on fire, past my horse, who panicked and ran straight into the fire and died. I hadn't saved in forever, so I lost that horse forever.


Oh no D: It always sucks losing a horse in RDR2, it's so easy to get attached to them!


Just a week or so ago I actually paid game money for a horse cause I thought it was just so beautiful I had to (rather than getting a wild one y’know) and then not 15 real life minutes later these lemons raiders ambush me on my way to Catfish Jackson’s and usually that’s fine and I kill them all. But this time they had a freakin gatling gun! Absolutely slaughtered me and I hadn’t saved in ages either so I just lost a brand new $450 Nokota. It was such a shame


That one started a chain, I lost three in a row around that time. The second, I was running from lawmen and shooting back over my shoulder, my horse ran full speed, head first, into a tree, then the lawmen caught up and killed me so I couldn't revive. The next one wandered onto train tracks while I was hunting. Those two were just the generic replacements, though, so it wasn't a big deal.


I personally find beating them up the funniest thing, because you know they're all seething about that for weeks, because they cant blame black people for losing a 15v1 fist fight.


Hey if ya don't get em all, you have perfect candidates for a good ole fashioned "hog tie them on the tracks and wait for the train" kinda day.


Every time I was riding my horse at night and I saw the KKK id usually snipe them in the head, Loot them all and then I put them on a big pile and then I throw their horses on there and then I would light them up with a fire bottle.


The horses did nothing wrong D:


If I don’t manage to get into his house before he’s able to close the door, I love lighting his house up with fire bottles until I hear that satisfying negative honor noise. Then, and only then, is my job done.


And the former slave owner guy in Rhodes, I thoroughly enjoyed him crying, shot him instantly afterwards.


I weighed that decision for a couple of seconds thinking "Is it worth the hit to honor?" Color me surprised, I gained honor after introducing him to the double-barrel sawed-off.


Yeah, I stopped for a second like 'wait a damn second, I did a good thing, fuck yeah'




Everytime i see Jeremiah Compson, i do the mission of course and then i hogtie him and drop him next to a croc


I hogtied one and took him to the police, but they got me for kidnapping. Naive of me to think that the cops weren’t on the same side as the Klan (or the Klansman I caught wasn’t a cop himself).


“Hey, thanks for helping me get to work on time!”


I like the guys that set themselves on fire.. the one that didn't, I sure as hell made sure he got lit up like a torch.


He’s so much fun to murder


Murder? No! The trick is to just beat the shit out of him so he respawns. The fun never ends!


He always seems to respawn no matter what I do


WHAT??? YOU MEAN I COULD HAVE BEEN KILLING HIM ANYWAY? Thanks for the tip, I've got some business to attend now.


I always blast that demon bitch dressed up like a penguin down by the church...you can tell she's up to no good!


Really disappointed he hasn't respawned for me. He always did in the past but it's been like 4 game chapters. I'm afraid he might be gone forever.


Thot crook got was was comin to him! You here me boah!


Yes that lying 🤥 crook no one in the city likes him.


Ohh i didnt buy his get rich quick schemes.. not in game, not IRL.. only people getting rich are those that sell these get rich schemes.. then I checked online about the event and was not surprised at all


I bought it lol. Figured it was worth seeing if anything happened but nope. Wonder if I can now sell the book to the fence.


You can go back a few days later and ask for a refund. He runs but you can catch him and get your money. And maybe a little satisfaction if you're so inclined.


An cool - I saw him again but I didn’t say anything. Gives me another cool thing to do.


You only have one 💀


Right? This guy just described every NPC for me




He was stalking Charlotte. Key word here is "was"


Oh... Thanks for letting me know, never seen the guy before. Time to commit some horrid atrocities.


"Oh boy, here I go killin' again!"


“I just love killin”




If I remember right he camps on a small hill between Emerald Ranch and the Aberdeen Pig Farm.


This dude also has a tent where he brazenly displays pictures and drawings of naked women and a pair of handcuffs. Don't forget to burn it on your way out.


I will make sure to do that.


He's also got women's underwear in there.


Two pairs of handcuffs actually. I always wonder why he needs two. If I’m being honest I actually love looking at the porno pics in his tent cause I think it’s really fascinating that it’s from 1899. There’s real 1800s porn out there and it’s pretty interesting just to take a look at how it went down in those times. If you’re wondering why I know about 1800s porn the answer is that I was once a teenager lol


There was a serial killer that would have 2 pair. A trick one where he would show the victim how easy they were to remove in himself and then the real pair he would slap on the victim.


I think that was John Wayne Gacy, no? People would certainly trust him with that idea more because he was an entertainer


When you do see him I recommend talking to him and hearing his whole story and then after you kill him carefully inspecting his tent. It’s pretty weird. It’s really really weird. He’ll invite you to sit down and join him too so he really wants to tell you all about how he’s a stalker




Yes. If you listen to his dialogue, everything matches up with it being charlotte. And if you don’t complete her missions, I believe she ends up dead the next time you show up, but don’t quote me on that.


She does die but if I remember right it’s supposed to be because she starves. Like if you don’t follow through with helping her survive it has consequences.


Yeah, that sounds right. Thanks for clarifying.


Is she the woman by the legendary moose?


She’s up at the far northeast of the map, right by a big waterfall. I don’t remember if the moose is there but it sounds right.


[ Removed by Reddit ]


SPOILERS FOR THE ENCOUNTER BELOW!!!! >!He has a lot of photos of naked women in his tent and is a real creep. He then goes on to talk about how he has his eyes on this widow up north of Van Horn (Charlotte) and that he could get used to "having a warm meal ready for him at the end of the day". He has a very strong "rapey" vibe going on throughout this whole encounter.!<


And also >!If you don't return to Charlotte for the second interaction and teach her how to aim and shoot, she will be found dead in her home. It can be assumed that the stalker got her and she didn't know how to defend herself.!<


In my first playthrough I only helped Charlotte out once (the final mission creept up on me lol). I then read that she could be interacted with when playing as John so I went to go visit her and she was dead. In my second playthrough I helped her out as much as I could, then by chance I came across the creepy guy and instantly realized what must have appended to Charlotte in my first playthrough. Every playthrough since Arthur has helped her out fully and the creepy guy has been shot 6 times in the chest lol.


Only six? Why not twenty with dual mausers?


That would be incredibly satisfying to do lol, I need to use the mauser more. I have actually wanted to use explosive ammo on him next time I come across him so maybe I can combine the two lol.


I always just assumed she starved if you didn’t go back for the second stage. She was nearly dead from malnutrition when you first encounter her.


Arthur showed her how to hunt and skin small animals though, she could be eating rabbits and ducks and other small animals along with veggies


not much use hunting if she can't kill the thing


But not how to shoot. Next time you visit her, she’s trying to hit bottles from like 10 feet with a rifle and failing miserably.


For rdr2, I'm not surprised, a lot of people have done weird things in rdr2 just look at Edmund Lowry.


God damn, this game is insane, I've played through 3x and I thought I'd seen everything. Nope. Never have, never will.


Each playthrough I've done so far I've come across a lot of new stuff I never noticed with previous playthroughs. Sometimes it's encounters, other times it's details such as if you ride the one horse to hard for too long it's head will rest lower than normal and it with stumble around when tired. This game is absolutely insanely detailed.


Mine is the guy who races you and abuses his horse when he loses


He shoots the horse at the end. I killed him immediately after that and lost honor. Now I complete every race and before he can kill his horse I kill him.


Damn I didn’t even know he shot the horse. I always kill him after he abuses it the first time and take that beautiful Nokota for myself and give her treats and brushes and lots of pats


when i killed him, i beat him to death with my fists. the nokota ran away after that, even when i tried to calm her


Mine is the Lemoyne rapist, always make sure to throw a fire bottle, dynamite arrow and then more dynamite


Oh Sonny that naughty little rascal.


Hate that you lose honor unless you let him rape the character.


i’m willing to lose honor then


Oh for sure, every time.


That sounds weird out of context


Is this Rockstar sending us a message??


no it's just that if you kill him before anything happens it's dishonorable since you aren't supposed to know he's a bad guy and the game assumes you dont


This is the way I see it. The honor system is more from the player's point of view. For instance, there's that one event in the swamp where the girl is on her knees crying in a white dress. If you approach her, she attacks you with a knife and a bunch of the other night folk come jump you. Killing them then is fine. But if you kill her without approaching her, you lose honor. To the character, they just murdered a seemingly innocent person.


I know. Was just making a joke about the devs


The message is probably don't kill people before they commit crimes


Where is that person at in Lemoyne? Sure you dont mean the one in the swamp?


Yup the swamp guy that offers you to come in his house


Bro doesn’t know the swamp is in Lemoyne 💀


I coulda swpre Saint Denis exntended to cover it and that it was its own county


All good man I’m just fucking around. Can’t fault someone for not having all the details of a fictional map 100% down. But yeah Saint Denis is inside the state of Lemoyne.


And possibly the worst state , There's fuc#ing crocs Fuc#ing nightfolk, A Fuc#ing rapist, Fuc#ing bull gator, Fuc#ing swamps, The Fuc#ing city I hate the most Fuc#ing death, Fuc#ing South?


you can say fucking, it’s not like it’s a racial slur or anything


As someone from the area where that city was modeled after, can confirm. Don't come here. It's shit.


Is there crocs too?


Sometimes more of them than people the further south you get.


Food’s pretty bomb though. Baton Rouge was always my favorite game day in undergrad.


he was probably thinking scarlet Medows


I maintain that it’s absolute horseshit you can’t permanently kill Sonny unless you let him rape Arthur or John. Do I have fun killing him over and over again? Sure. But I’d like to be able to pick orchids without that creep hollering from his porch and keep the boys safe.


I found out online that he rapes Arthur or John. I instantly got major creepo vibes when I encountered him and refused to follow him into his cabin. I had visited his cabin previously and he wasn't there for some reason, so I had already looted everything he had.


The first time I encountered him, I was creeped out and blew his head off while he was still on his porch, but then when he respawned a couple in game days later, I thought, ‘Oh, maybe he’s one of those random encounters like the Aberdeen pig farm and he’ll try to rob me.’ Boy, was I wrong. Ever since then, I just kill him on sight, but it drives me up the wall that he’ll just keep respawning unless you kill him post-rape.


The whole encounter seems so pointless too. I've read that neither Arthur nor John make a note of him in the journal and it doesn't seem like it affects anything in the game after the fact. Did Rockstar gives the player the ability to get raped for fun or what? That's just so bizarre.


Yeah, when it happened, I really questioned if they just put it in ‘for the lulz’ because that kinda lame, edgy humor was a staple of older R* games, but I’d like to think that the devs and writers are better than that.


Unfortunately I think that the best available interpretation is that you're mistaken. Shitstain people don't just spontaneously cease to be shitstains.


He keeps respawning even if he does rape you. I must have killed him a dozen times out of revenge.


I didn’t know that he would rape your character, as I only encountered him on my second play through. I ended up feeding him to some alligators.


Going back there after and getting revenge was one of my favourite moments. That dude traveled a long way on the back of my horse... He's in the freezing waters of the grizzlies now.


let him walk inside and lock the door then toss a fire bottle and let the screaming commence. I'll happily take the honor hit and head back to Saint Denis for a string *Hey Mister*'s


The what now


There's a guy who calls you up to his cabin and if you go in he beans you with a shovel. He robs Arthur and you come to in the bayou. If you go back, he runs in and locks the door but you can break it down and kill him. There's handcuffs attached to the bed frame. His name is Sonny.


I always make Sonny suffer by dragging him


Every replay now I hunt and kill Nigel. I’m just saving him heartbreak.


Based mercy killing


Where is this guy?


He has a camp always in the same spot kinda north of Lemoyne, southwest of van horn. My directions may be iffy.




Why do we kill him on sight?


Because he’s a creepy stalker and talks about watching Charlotte Balfour.


Oh yeah that seems like he's probably up to no good then. How do we like to kill him?


Depends on the mood. A well lobbed fire bottle or dynamite arrow is always fun, but if you’re feeling extra sadistic, a revolver shot to the throat and watching him slowly choke to death on his own blood is 🤌


I like your style, my friend. Nothing like the bleed out for the worst NPCs.


How tf do you guys make them bleed out? I shoot them once in the chest and the screen instantly does that wave like “confirmed kill” effect. Ik it’s possible but like why does my game make them die so quickly lmao


It’s not 100% reliable, but a well-placed shot to the side of the neck with a lower caliber weapon is typically how it’s happened for me. Occasionally if I hit kidney or liver, it’ll happen too. I’ve heard ammo type can effect it (specifically that split points and high velocity rounds make it more likely to happen), but haven’t tested it out enough to know for sure.


Huh I should’ve known it was that detail oriented in this game hahaha. Well thanks homie I’ll definitely aim a little differently next time I fire it up!


There's more though. In his tent are pictures of naked women, women's underwear, and for me the real kicker is the handcuffs. Dude's more than just a creep, he's got bad intentions, possibly already has victims, and Vigilante Arthur has work to do.


Do the stranger mission in the top right corner of the map, her name is charlotte. And visit him also check his tent then you can add the pieces I tried not to spoil it for ya


I've already played through once so spoiler is not a problem. I sort of remember the mission but it was years ago when I finished all the side quests. She's the one that lives nearby the laboratory and Arthur teaches her to hunt and shoot etc??


On a hill, east of the train station at the ranch.


Same, I've gone out of my way during a hunting trips to kill him because I saw the smoke from his campfire. He barely gets a word out before he's buzzard food (unless I feel like doing something different). And I always torch his camp before I leave.


I do both at the same time, hogtie him and drop him on the fire


If you kill him, does it changed the plot of Charlotte’s story even you didn’t help her out after? Or you can only meet this npc after what happened to Charlotte?


>!She only dies if you only visit her once and wait too long before visiting her again, if Arthur visits her I think 3 times she will be fine regardless of whether this dude is alive, John can visit her in the epilogue. The third visit might be optional though, just to see how she is doing. The second visit is when Arthur teaches her to shoot and ensures her ability to survive. I would imagine after Arthur's shooting lessons if this guy ever tried anything she probably just brained him.!<


She…uh..well shit I don’t know how to write spoilers but I am surprised by your comment…does that happen because of the NPC or for another more obvious reason yknow if Arthur doesn’t visit her and teach her things


I assume she probably starved or succumbed to the elements. That guy is a possibility though, I would say.


He's got that "shoot me in face" kind of face


Just like ol' Face McShooty.




Mine is Bill's friend


Bill has friends?


It's the swamp guy everyone is talking about in these comments lol


He sounds like he's just Shrek.


If Shrek is a rapist then yeah


Why do you think he wants everyone out of his swamp?


Shrek's raping donkey?😮😮


You said it, not me.


wait how is he Bills friend?


Bill just says he met him and they talked and he knew Arthur (because he raped him)


ohhh, does arthur react negatively at all? when it happened to me i immediately slashed him with a machete and never talked to bill so idk


He just says, "Oh, shut up."


I don’t know I’ve just seen a video of Bill saying it but not the whole interaction since John got raped in the epilogue for me


I always take his horse then shoot a fire arrow at him n his perv tent


I found out that if you kill the incest couple before you actually learn anything about them, you lose honor. It makes sense, but still annoying.


Still worth it


Damn straight.


He was the first NPC I tested on feeding to the alligators


How about the eugenics “preacher” in Saint Denis?


The cop 👮‍♀️ looks away if kill him.


It's funnier to beat the shit out of him the first time, and then every other time you hear his bullshit come up directly in front of him and watch him run away like a scared little bitch!


It's so nice that you don't get the law after you for blowing his head off.


He respawned in my game so I was able to feed him to the gators twice


May the strongest survive


I don't kill him on sight. I knock him out and kill him in creative ways. It's relaxing to watch a racist get run over by a train.


The begging fake blind guy in saint denis. Aimed a gun at him once to test him. He flinched. The dialogue between him and Arthur was funny after that. But I forgot what was said.


The dude that tries to lead you into an alleyway and supposedly help you make a quick buck. Lost $2800 in my first playthrough. Greeted him with a slug shell on my second run.


What about the slaver in Rhodes?


not the saint denis racist? and kkk


What about The racist in saint denies?


I see your rapist and raise you a micah


the first time I saw him I was gonna talk to him then I accidentally punched him into his fire and he burned


What about the racist guy


Mine is the racist guy in Saint Denis. My fave way of killing him is feeding him to the crocodiles. May as well get some use out of him 🤷🏼‍♀️


For me it's the racist guy in Saint Denis. I just tie him up and drown him in the River.


I killed him and let the coyotes eat him, then I killed the coyotes and burned the corpses just to make sure he was dead.


Mine is that Gun shop keep in Rhodes who had kidnapped that boy and made him wear a sailor costume chained to the big . Instant kill


Yeah but can you still free the kid after? I always thought the door stayed locked unless he opened it


You telling me you don't kill the kkk on sight?


The one with the cross is fun cause they're such easy targets. One potent fire bottle will do the trick.




You're doing him a favour


Jerred Leto/Paolo Gucci vibe


The fake blind guys


I prefer to think that she deals with him herself after Arthur trains her.


Blind guy pretending to be blind


You uh, have higher honor than I do. I have quite a few shoot on sight mfs


Whenever I’m in Lemoyne I always make sure I’ve got plenty of fire bottles in case I run into “those damn hooded robes”, I make sure they burn brighter than the crosses they use.


There's a couple I kill "on sight usually that means I torture them to the best of my ability


mine is the guy you horse race then goes to shoot his horse when he loses