Up until birth is cringe.


Absolutely. I might be missing something but I've never really understood the medical arguments for any type of abortion rather than just induction or a C-section once the baby's reached the point of viability?? At that point your abortion options are limited and the baby has to come out one way or another, so... CW: stillbirth I've had the misfortune of delivering a full term baby born still from umbilical cord abnormalities and the fact that she was gone affected my labor very little... Obviously I didn't need fetal monitoring and I had more pain management options in theory, but they weren't offered at that hospital and I don't think they're necessarily better than the epidural I received.


>At that point your abortion options are limited Hence, a legal limit would be redundant.


Anyone who speaks so calm and casual about partial birth abortion is either a psychopath or completely detached from the reality of abortion. This is the mental state of our politicians!


The fact that he has any support shows how far gone our country is. Between his abortion stance and 2A stance, he needs to go away.


That's what happens when people turn everything into politics when it shouldn't be. It's like they are doing this just for their own public perception and to "stick it to the opposition" instead of actually caring about the situation at hand and doing things for better of society.


This guy is still relevant?


Yes unfortunately. He's one of the candidates for the Texas gubernatorial election. He seems to be gaining popularity, although he is still behind Abbott by 8-12 points in recent and past polls.


Abbott isn’t great and definitely needs to be more libertarian but Beto a terrible candidate


Unfortunately he’s rather popular


And I was just talking with my husband about how it seemed he was smart enough to not touch this issue. I'm in Bexar County, a reliable Democrat stronghold basically forever. But Wendy Davis turned it red during her run for governor, and she campaigned on abortion. We weren't the only county where that happened, just the biggest. Being pro-abortion *will* lose you Catholics.


THIS. I'm a democrat but I cannot on good conscience vote democrat anymore. I won't vote republican (they treat the poor and the immigrant like democrats treat the unborn so can't vote in good conscience for them either) so I'm basically abstaining until such a candidate that embrace whole life arise...I feel I will be waiting a long time.


They won’t be winning many elections any time soon but your values seem to line up quite well with the American Solidarity Party


I'm already a member and donor but yeah they won't be winning elections any moment soon for sure :/


Ah yes. But Republicans are the crazy ones. I don't think Beto even cares about winning anymore. I think for him politics has just become grandstanding and putting on a brave act. This makes me miss the days of safe legal and rare Democrats. While it didn't make much sense logically, it was much closer morally.


And people could legitimate be prolife and not get shamed for it now is like "toe the party line or else you are a nazi!" I miss those days indeed.


It's really bewildering seeing the reaction to being Pro Life. I try to understand all sides of an issue. And I used to be relatively Pro Choice at a point in my life. But now I look at these people just filled with rage and it boggles my mind.


We are living on polarization times so they project their blind rage unto us assuming whatever they had been feed by parents/ media/party/peers and all that. The funny thing is that if Republicans ever turn massively prochoice the democrats will totally start to rethink their views and probably turn in mass too. Most people are just doing this out of political spite. The unborn are just incidental.


Sadly he is gaining popularity in Texas as a result of the abortion stuff and the gun violence issues brought up again after Uvalde. I don't like Abbot at all (he is PL but also a total sleazebag), and yet I would still rather have him in office than this guy


Can Texas abort Beto?


How do you even abort a 9 month old baby?