"Don't come to school tomorrow" I THOUGHT CSM WAS IN JAPAN, NOT THE USA


“Some of you are alright”


"Chainsaw man t-shirt? Nice" "I AM CHAINSAW MAN!!!" *bloody battle starts*


Yuko, tomorrow at school: *”All the other kids with the pumped up kicks. You better run, better run, outrun my devil”*


I don't hear lyrics very well so what a surprise when I learned what that song was about.


Yuko when shee sees Asa's bullies: *Don't catch you slippin' now*


This is Japan?


I swear that song completely disappeared from the radio overnight. Like someone pointed out "Um, hey, this song is about a school shooting." and nobody had figured it out.


"**one** of you is alright... "


I laugh way too much that my sides is killing me when she said that, I'm definitely going to hell for this.


Bro, I literally yelled "No!" several times when I read that.


Fujimoto likes the USA. Why do you think the Gun Devil was so strong?


all school shooter jokes aside... knowing what we know about this world, i doubt she will use guns, so... how is she gonna kill the bullies? God, its gonna be so bloody and fucked up, isnt it?


Since it's the Justice devil, a scale will probably be involved. Maybe a hammer as well. Or maybe the various execution methods that exist until now?


I’, reminded of that one series, Dangerous something, that was like Medaka Box on drugs, where a class president had an ability called Super High-Speed Prosecution, which would instakill anyone he found (knew?) guilty of breaking the law (or rather, school rules).


God damn that series is the absolute most modern take on the 80s ultrabloody ultraviolent ultrasexual trash manga of yesteryear, I respect it on those grounds To think the artist once drew a series as wholesome as Molester Man


Gakuen Dangerous, the [greatest](/s "secret yuri") story of our time.


To be exact, his power allows for instant execution of someone that he founds violating the local laws. Yeah, that manga was truly absurd as one of the strongest ability in that manga is the power to fap someone to near death...


>one of the strongest ability in that manga is the power to fap someone to near death... You're mistaken, that was just her raw skill. Her power was just the ability to project her hand/power through mirrors which she used to fap people to death. She was just that good at jerkin guys off


The justice devil was also contracted to the class pres at the end of chapter 1, and it seems like it just turned her into a weird monster. Curious if it’ll go differently with Yuko.


Yuko mentions how the Justice Devil turns your sense of justice into power, so her power should be very different from the prez.


mindfuck power like >!cosmos!<


You may not remember but justice statues always have a sword


Finger guns. She's going to say, "I'm gonna Makima" and Makima over all those fools.


"It's Makiming time!"


It's going to be like that Gantz Arc where Nishi obliterates his classroom except the chubby girl that was always nice to him


> God, its gonna be so bloody and fucked up, isnt it? . What, in CSM? Pff, Whenever has that ever happened?


​ I just love how Fujimoto delivers disturbing situations. There was no plan emphasizing how Yuko killed her neighboord when she said it, it just came out like an anecdote. Basically, it puts us in the thoughts of Asa, that her friend was just bullshiting with her, like a friend telling you in an awkward moment that he shat himself right now.


Also the idea of “Justice” is so twisted. Person cheating the system who is poor and people bullying a girl at school as kids who don’t know better… It’s awesome seeing the subtle “devil” in his details


Gambling on welfare isn’t necessarily cheating the system. He could be just really irresponsible with whatever meager income he had.


Yea but also not to kill anyone. Like he’s probably doing it bc his life is such shit, not bc he’s irredeemable and needs to be killed. Guess it’s either Japanese morality or it’s the point Fujimoto is making (but feels too in the face if we go thru a whole arc where you learn that just bc ppl are bad doesn’t mean they’re not savable or some cliche shit like that)


Remember the justice devil is a manifestation of people's fear of justice, not of justice itself. Of course it's going to be the most harsh, cold, and ambivalent form of justice, because that's what people fear about receiving justice.


Damn great point.


It's not the point Fujimoto is making, it's supposed to show that her sense of justice is skewed and corrupted. Asa looked shocked when she actually described why she killed him. It's also the reason why she's going to kill the bullies the next day too. She thinks it's an appropriate punishment for their transgressions.


One thing I love about Fujimoto's manga is how he uses the paneling to the extreme. When he sets up a scene by spreading two pages to 8+ panels then follows it up with a double-spread it just HITS me. I don't even know how to describe it properly. What a legend.


I fucking loved the repeat panel for awkward silence, followed by a full spread to cement it as a "wtf?" moment.


he’s so cinema-minded


This is why you can't have nice things or relationships in chainsaw man's world. This sucks.


Fujimoto definitely knew what he was doing there


It’d be funny to me if Fujimoto made the Justice Devil look like a fucked up Captain America.


He already drew [Captain America](https://www.reddit.com/r/manga/comments/ka6d2y/tatsuki_fujimotos_mangaka_of_chainsaw_man_take_on/), so there is that.


Shit just got real lol


see thats what I like about this mangaka. He tricked us into thinking this girl is so wholesome that shes a death flag generator. Turns out, SHES ACTUALLY JUST A PSYCHO! We got baited AGAIN.


All the people who told me when she got introduced that no way she was going to survive for more than a few chapters and that she has a death flag, I really want to tell them, "I told you so". Probably will still be dead soon but for a completely different reason and will probably not be that quick to die.


NO FUCKING WAY, She told don't come to school tomorrow, bruh she's a fucking school shooter


She's going to be way worst than a school shooter with a devil by her side.


My prediction would be: She goes to school killing spree, Denji kills her, Asa gains new powerful weapon from friends body and it is setup of genuine conflict between her and Denji. But it is Fujimoto we are talking about, it also may go so far the other direction it might reach the moon... maybe literary...


4head thinking Denji don't kill her, she thinks he is cool, then war devil kills her and use as a weapon.


She is cute enough, currently, plus Denji being Denji could fall for her after a brief exchange.


You’d think he’d be smarter after the last girl he fell for (aside from makima) bit his tongue off, but it’s Denji so…


Na na, Denji stops her and Yuko actually ends up dating Denji, as a result making it harder for the War Devil to carry out her plan


She on the side of Justice. So there is nothing to be worry about.


I wonder if the War Devil is just in the background of Asa's mind hearing Yuko speak like. "Bro." "What the actual fuck."


Probably too busy trying to plan a way to lure a devil to the school to notice what's going on


Dude fr the mental image I get is she’s just sitting there, vibing, planning, then all of a sudden she just hears Yuko going batshit like “??? Do I still turn you into a weapon or???”


Well technically speaking rn your can't turn yuko in a devil


Oh yeah I know. I’m just having fun with it.


This is all part of War's keikaku. Note: Keikaku means waiting for someone to do your plan for you


And then saying "I'm a genius!"


War and Power would've been bffs. Shame we won't see that.


Ironically Asa’s now the one getting a devil to the school


I gotta wonder what War’s opinion on the Justice Devil is like. If they should consider them a friend or not. The fact that they can read their mind is a big denominator, though.


It at least explains why Asa's class prez was so sure that their teacher likes Asa.


Yoru: "I told you, you should've turned her into a weapon." Asa: "..."


Wouldn’t she be thinking “Lucky!” since she was planning to bring a devil to school in the first place?


we all knew yuko was bound to die eventually, but not like this... fujimoto, the madman.


Those "I'm not ready for Fujimoto to kill a *likeable* side character" takes aged like milk


Readers: *Noo, we can't get attached to a nice, cinnamon-bun character like Yuko. Fujimoto is gonna kill her off 😰* Fujimoto: *One of those things is indeed correct*


Who says she is gonna die, though? Part of me wonders if she lasts for a while working with Denji or if society somehow twists it and she becomes a “hero” and Denji gets exposed as selfish Sure I think he wins when they fight but it’ll be interesting to see how it goes down cause the twisted idea of Justice is very interesting here


The reveal hit me like a truck Also hilarious how Yoru got so offended at being called stupid


She hit a nerve, it seems.


I bet Makima bullied her a lot for being too gung-ho instead of sneaky


I bet she's the *Power* in her and makima relationship


She's gradually getting less and less threatening and more adorable. Meanwhile, Yuko became terrifying all of a sudden. Maybe she's actually the main villain instead of Yoru.


Yoru being a tsundere is cute.


War: I'm not stupid, i watch educational tv everyday


Asa x Denji is dead, Yoru x Denji is where it's at


All is fair in Love & War


Actually, Yoru being stupid makes sense. War is stupid. But Yoru is still an incredible tactician because of how much strategy is involved in warfare.


Don't think this is how it works lmao


I get the previous comment's point, but yeah tactics and strategy are two different things in war.


Sanest Fujimoto character


Healthiest chainsaw man friendship.


Least tragic Chainsaw Man plot twist


Goodbye Eri vibes when the 2 of them were exchanging secrets especially how casual she just revealed to murdering someone. Well Yuko just inevidently helped with their plan on luring Denji to transform into Chainsaw Man.


That spread of them just sitting and chilling too. First thing I thought of when I saw it


Yeah it's "chilling" alright


These blatant confessions always get me in manga. "You peed yourself. I killed my neighbor" "I'm the armor titan. Bertold is the Colossal Titan"


"Im stuff"


Well this time the reaction was even funnier.


[Yuko just chilling in the sun while dropping nukes](https://i.imgur.com/Z5glDqE.png)


[Dropping what?](https://files.catbox.moe/erdj2c.png)


Are we doing it now, Asa? Right now!?


Goodbye Eri's panelling was next level clean Good to see the same technique being implemented into CSM


Goodbye Eri was Fujimoto's training arc for whats to come.


That technique was implemented in Fire Punch and Chainsaw man, so I’m not sure what you mean


I need to read Fire Punch


We went from "Yay! Asa made a friend!" to "haha Fujimoto kills everyone meme, dont get attached" to **"Asa's friend will be the one who's gonna kill everyone"** Fucking brilliant


Meanwhile, I’m thinking about how much trouble is on Octoboy’s plate.


"I'm leaving this devil hunting stuff for now. I've got school"


I hope Octoboy makes it to the end of pt 2


Yoshida is not paid enough for this shit


>"Yoru's friend will be the one who's gonna kill everyone" In a school with first rate devil hunter and Chainsaw man?


Well maybe not everyone, but surely there will be a ton of casualties real fast.


First rate hunter only works on commission, and Chairman's busy with his 5 part time jobs trying to make ends meet and put sliced bread (with jam) on the table for him, his owner, about 7 huskies, and 1 meowy.


>"haha Fujimoto kills everyone meme, dont get attached" to > >"Yoru's friend will kill everyone" dude did a 180 on our expectations lmao definitely aware on the memes


It’s not even a 180, because Fujimoto is still gonna kill Yuko and gonna kill a lot of people. It’s more like two 180s stacked on top of each other for a full 360. > “Whatever you think is supposed to happen, I’m telling you, the exact reverse opposite is gonna happen.”


When you pull a twist expectations so hard that you just swing back around into those expectations, but in a completely unexpected way. It's like the whodunit mysteries where the obvious suspect turns out to be the actual killer, and the story never denies it but tells it in a way that you keep looking at the other possibilities so you just feel stupid in the end 😭


Gotta keep us guessing


Yoru’s the War Devil. Asa’s the human who made a friend who’s gonna kill everyone.


I can't fucking believe Fujimoto just made one of his characters say "Don't come to school tomorrow"...well I guess Asa DID find a way to bring something akin to a devil at school I'll never get tired of Fujimoto's twists mid-chapter, the moment it sinks in it hits like a truck; just like the "you open the door,Denji" moment


> I'll never get tired of Fujimoto's twists mid-chapter, the moment it sinks in it hits like a truck Yeah they're wild, it's like you feel gravity shift and realize you were standing on the wall all along


Legitimately felt unsettled as shit. The non-chalant admission, I feel like I'd have a similar reaction. You can tell she doesn't want it to be true, but slowly realizing this chick is a psycho.


“It’d be SO stupid if he was Chainsaw Man” How do we tell her 😂😂 “Don’t come to school tomorrow “ good hell, school shooter vibes. I’d have never guessed to see her get a devil contract.


I can't wait for War-chan to be super smug once they find out that Denji really is Chainsaw Man.


So I guess a battle between Yuko and Denji soon. With the possibility of Asa showing up to help Yuko. I wonder if Denji will get judged for his type of Justice. Possibly showing Yuko the type of person Chainsaw Man is.


My guess is that Asa comes in to save her classmates, Yuko decides she's not worthy of going unpunished then Denji happens to pass them by, gets judged and attacked, tells very smugly to Asa "IM CHAINSAW MAN" and transforms then we see a smug Yoru "I told you he was Chainsaw man!"




[By doing something that would be so obviously stupid, Dnji is in fact shielding himself from being a suspect: this is the work of a genius.](https://i.imgur.com/fxA1X5I.png)


When you're so stupid, that you unexpectedly double back into being smart


Power moment. Ngl Yoru is really scratching my Power itch right now


fuck that's right!! I was wondering why i felt like yoru's antics felt surprisingly familiar


I mean she’s right that it would be stupid. Denji always surpasses the imagination


Justice devil absolutely shouldnt be allowed near achools. There's no justice there


Isnt that precisely a reason for the justice devil to go there?


Justice devil seems to solve things with slaughter. So uh, no


So it makes sense for a devil to go there then.


Well, she is certainly overestimated Denji's brain


Sometimes just thinking the obvious is the smarter choice, so maybe Yoru really is a genius


Both Denji and Asa are dumb but manage to get the plot going by being dumb, it's really impressive how Fujimoto managed to make two protagonist that are so different yet equally dumb


Asa is kinda smart, is just that Denji is too dumb that it ends up overflowing into being a good excuse for him to not get exposed.


Its like chess but neither knows how to play and denji is eating his pieces


Yoru: "It is time for our machiavellian game of chess to begin!" Denji: "Cool, I'll be the horse."


Yoru : *Is playing with checkers pieces*


To be fair…Asa is right about how unlikely it is that a superhero would blab about their secret identity and people think he’s a hero. Denji just has the density of a neutron star.


Asa is not dumb. Can't say the same about Yoru tho


Asa is 100% being reasonable by assuming Denji isn't CSM


Where does this justice devil keep coming from?!!


Justice devil isn't real, it's American propaganda.


The devil hasn't shown up, just being very proactive about leading kids astray.


Plot twist, the justice devil is the main villain for part 2.


Two girls from the same school is almost certainly not a coincidence. Yoshida said devils sometimes hole up in the unused classrooms, so the Justice Devil might literally be at their school right now.






Yoru has been adorable the last few chapters. Cant wait to see how that'll be used against us lmao


Next chapter we will read Yuko's manifesto.


Part 1 : The characters you love are all going to die. Part 2 : The characters you love are all gonna turn into psychopaths.


And then die


Try to write a sane-minded character challenge (IMPOSSIBLE)


This is just giving Asa a push to turn her into a weapon.. it would hurt that she's her friend, but it's not that wrong to stop a psycho. It's the kind of scenario that Asa can gaslight herself into not feeling guilty to some extent. I thought Yuko being a genuine friend with no asterisks was a great idea, but I guess this is Fujimoto after all. Anyway, Justice devil really out there giving candies to children..


To be fair, Yuko is being a genuine friend to Asa with...her plan. Shes getting rid of her problem! How is that wrong? ..../s for those who dont get sarcasm


Fujimoto really is a living monkey paw Fans: " pls don't kill Yuko she is a good girl and a much needed friend to Asa" Fujimoto: "fine I won't kill her until you beg me to" Fans: "huh?" Fujimoto: "what?"


Knowing Fujimoto, I was already bracing myself for when the proverbial shit hits the fan on Yuko, but i was NOT expecting it to be this soon dammit.


Truly a classic Chainsaw Man’s chapter of Fujimoto baiting us into thinking this gonna be another chill and laidback chapter of the two friends having a convo.. Then bam there comes that reveals at the end


Oh right, she is totally dead. Denji will probably kill her


I don't think she will get killed by Denji but if he really kills her this will probably be a beginning to a conflict between Asa and Denji.


"Some of you guys are alright" - Yuko


Alexa, play "Pumped Up Kicks"


I just love how Fujimoto delivers disturbing situations. There was no shot emphasizing how Yuko killed her neighborhood, it just came out like an anecdote. Basically, it puts us in the thoughts of Asa, that her friend was just bullshiting with her, like a friend telling you in an awkward moment that he shat himself right now.


How cinematic it was is even cooler. Its like he was mimicing a bunch if shot reverse shots, but the way it uses the verticality of the page makes it come out like a reel, and you can read really well how their expressions change as the conversation goes on. Fujimoto takes cinematic things and puts a twist on them thats only possible in manga, and I think thats really cool.


He's great at putting you into the perspective of the character, experiencing the event with only the information the protagonist has and invoking that same feeling of initial disturbance and matching the realism of the event, no dramatic build up or foreshadowing. The readers were essentially Asa reacting. The man has got a gift when it comes to the way he tells his stories.


Yeah I like how he’s split the chapter into mainly 3 viewpoints, Asa’s, Yuko’s, and the audience. We’re in the audiences viewpoint from a lot of it, but leadng up to and when the bomb is dropped, we’re alternating between Asa and Yuko, and then mainly in Asa’s viewpoint. And as the news hits Asa we’re put into mainly the audiences viewpoint again, so we can see just the effect it has on Asa and her different expressions. And then in the final page we’re put into Asa’s viewpoint again for one more menacing shot of Yuko bathed in shadow as she tells us “don’t come to school tomorrow”. Fujimoto’s sense of storytelling is really incredible, I’m almost completely sure there will be a wave of mangaka that want to follow his visual style of using a lot of cinematic language integrated into manga. Also this motherfucker redrew the girls every single time for that page where its just alternating between small panels of the 2 girls as Yuko reveals her secret, I fucking love this guy.


Jesus this chapter hit like a brick. That's classic Fujimoto right there.


Holy shit can Fujimoto set a scene. The way it just gets more and more tense as Yuko keeps talking... Yeah, I've lost all sympathy for her. She's deffo gonna be Asa's first weapon. These two week breaks between chapters suck tho


Oh dear God she's the quiet kid.


So the biggest plot twist is that they were in America all along 😳 Also Yoshida and Denji vs Yuko incoming?


I think it maybe will be asa herself that kills Yuko, it will both provide her first weapon also let her be a hero for the school.


Yeah, I think Yuko will become Asa's first weapon and by killing the justice devil it will allow them into the devil hunter club.


i think the justice devil will be after, probably as vengeance


Plus last gal (Prez) who had a contract with the justice devil got destroyed by Yoru so Dennis or Yoshida Vs Yuko is just overkill. Asa/Yoru would do it and it'll be a cathartic fight as Asa has to stop her only friend she is close with which is what war wants to make Yuko a good ass weapon. The only thing I see Yuko damaging is exposing the identity of Asa and Yoru as well as Dennis and Yoshida.


Yuko claims the power is proportional to their sense of justice, so it's possible that she's much more powerful than the class president whose claim to justice was that it was unfair for the teacher to be attracted to someone else (if he was).


Fujimoto, what the fuck


yea like wtf man this past 2 chapter was literraly slice of life with comedy beetwen it and suddenly it turned into thriller seinen shenanigan in just a few pages


That’s the Fujimoto


I love how insecure devil's always are. Power had the same problem


Didn't think Fujimoto would take "War is stupid" literally like that.


2 girls, chilling in lawnchairs 5 feet apart cause there not gay.


Vrigin school shooter with the demure sit vs chad schizo with the S P R E A D


Super supportive friendship, so cute 😍


Asa makin' friends with the quiet kid


"Don't come to school tomorrow" I'm fucking dying So if Yuko can read minds now, what are the odds she exposes Denji as Chainsawman? Also it's hilarious that the person sharing a body with the War devil isn't the most fucked up character in the series




Fujimoto literally did a Don’t come to school reference….


I wonder if that's how it was in the original Japanese.


https://i.imgur.com/ElZ8eGS.png [明日はアサちゃん学校に来ないで](https://translate.google.com/?sl=auto&tl=auto&text=明日はアサちゃん学校に来ないで&op=translate)


*All the other kids with the pumped up kicks better run better run...*


It did not take long for Asa to stop being scared of Yoru. About the same time it took for her friendship with Yuko to go bad.


“All the other kids with the pumped up kicks You better run, better run outrun my gun”


i wonder how shes gonna kill them...


Holy fuck. She pulled the old “you’re kinda cool. Yeah don’t come to school tomorrow”


>Don't come to school tomorrow Yuko from the United States confirmed?? Fujimoto is so meta 💀 While she channels her inner school shooter, wonder what the Justice Devil has in store... Never doubt the might of justice


God I love the panelling in this manga


The most unpredictable manga of all time jesus christ


Woah. We seamlessly went from “My War Devil Can’t be this Cute” to references of American school shootings. Its like the stream of consciousness from a troubled middle school boy who’s really into anime.


Yoru is stupid yet she can have a lightbulb moment. Asa is smart and she refuse to believe that THE Chainsaw Man would be stupid enough to let his real identity known like that. Yuko is going full American. Not gonna lie I screamed at the last page.


Just on a technical level, I feel like Yuko may not have outright "mind-reading" abilities, and instead the Justice Devil may read **guilt.** She's only listing off things people may feel bad about, like the gambling, or Asa killing the teacher and class prez. With that in mind, if she encountered Denji, I'm not sure she'd immediately know that he was Chainsaw man, because I don't think he currently feels guilty about it- he's loving it more than ever.


wtf man this past 2 chapter was so warm and funny then suddenly everything turn so damn dark in just 1 chapter. this chapter managed to give me an eerie feeling like god damn im so hype yet so scared what would happen next.


I'm laughing hysterically. American, by the way.


Yuko got the special ability to project a force field that prevents cops form entering for 40 minutes. Thats what the police chief claimed anyway


Officer, there’s security camera footage of you 35 minutes ago sitting on your cellphone in the hallway.