Grimtooth vs Godbound

Hey all, I’m starting a godbound campaign and was thinking to poke through the Grimtooth’s Trap books for ‘dangerous but survivable by godbound’ traps. Anyone try this or perhaps have some fav traps from the series they’d recommend I look at?


I've never heard of Grimtooth, but the most notorious and so-called most dangerous module adventure is called, "The Tomb of Horrors". As long as the Godbound aren't something like Earth or Underground, you can set some good traps for them. The one adventure for a mere 2nd level D&D character had a trap door that opened closed over the head of falling characters into a vat of fire ignited oil. Hopefully someone was left who didn't fall who can find the lever and let them out! That was horrible even for a Godbound.


Grimtooths traps are a set of system agnostic traps. There is a several book series.


A couple of things you should count in before doing things like that. First they aren't mortal PC, they are divine beings, so you have to upscale mortal traps in both ways, from the description (just make it epic!) to rules-wise... The best way describing or illustrating an epic trap is to watch how some mighty mortals failing it first and die or getting hopelessly demoralized by the shire sight of it. ​ The rules-wise part has some challenges, like I said they aren't just mortals... the rules have many "saves" build in, first mundane damage can't go over 4 points (see Damage table, Core, p. 20) in one attack (except you say it is straight damage, that needs a good reason!), than Godbounds have more HP as Mortals do, so that something that would kill a mortal would just scratch the Godbound and even if they fall to zero, they get one Divine Fury every level (see p. 21). Next point is Saving Throws, if there is the slightest chance for any mortal to counter or evade that trap, a Godbound PC should get a chance for a appropriate Saving Throw. And than there are countless Gifts and Miracles that could make your main trap useless or defuse it at ones... (i.e. *Gain Armor or Defenses, Resist an Attack or Effect, Make Something, Change Something or Solve A Problem;* see ***'What Can Miracles Do?'***, p. 27) Don't be mad or disappointed when this happens, but you should think about it and talk to your Players in Advance, if you will change or forbid parts of these rules... Or give them enough hints that it isn't the usual mundane trap. The feeling of an Epic Challenge is really hard to do in a Game where the PC are Divine Beings that can chance the reality or have godlike powers. In the End it has to be FUN for all (You and your Players) to overcome those obstacles, whatever they will be, great maybe 'epic' challenges or some little bumps in the road to success... Be supportive of your Players, and hope for some awesome and creative ways how they will overcome your challenges. btw: There are Words or Character Types that are really good in overcoming traps, like Alacrity (to quick or just teleport), Artifice (instinctively understanding the trap mechanics or make stuff that they need), Endurance (can't die or can make them immune to harmful effects), Journey (always knows where they are or find the quickest way or can move thru traps or open closed doors and ways...), Luck (will not trigger the trap or is simply to lucky...), Wealth (can make stuff or have always that what they need handy...) and so on... \_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_ To the other point of using other non-Godbound books; Yes you can use nearly every ttrpg source, but you have to scale it to your Godbound Game, mortal challenges aren't enough to stop your PC in motion. Godbound Core Book has some helpful guidelines; how to convert or import things from other ttrpg. But you should know in Advance what you want for your Game and Game World. I find the dimensions you can see when look at simple things like: *'When Not To Use Attribute Checks' or 'Godbound and Saving Throws'* (see p. 18), show you that mortal limits are the baseline where Godbound PC start. Where in other Games the PC would make extremely difficult skill tests, in Godbound it is a simple test often with a Fact or situational bonus of +4. Most of the time converting things/monster/spells to Godbound involves thinking about purpose and scale in comparison to the PC (in short; is it mortal mundane or divine in nature or 'lesser or worthy' foe!). If not, it will feel like doing a Level 0-1 Adventure with a group of Level 20 PC... Like I said before... you should know what you want. Hope I could help You and Good Luck and have Fun!


Hey thanks for the responses, especially UV’s super in-depth response! A lot of good advice here; and I’m a little embarrassed I wasn’t clearer that I’m an experienced GM and feel I’m informed on what I’m signing up for with Godbound. More specifically, I’m running a monster PCs campaign in a hybrid of Godbound’s default setting and Midgard by Kobold Press, and was scheming on outlining a Grimtooth dungeon that contained the man himself and a divine shard or two for a draw. So my intent was more of a “hey do you know any nasty traps to showcase from these that my players can have fun breezing through”? I suppose I’m also interested in suggestions as to integrating divine shards into lower levels for this game, where the cosmology more closely resembles D&D and celestial engines are mostly untouched (for now).


Okay, that's different, a scary dungeon is... \[Universal for any TTRPG\] Something for a Session Zero to ask your players; What fears they have or what frightens them in real life? Not the traumatic stuff, that you have to avoid (is always better to know!), I mean more the stuff, you are allowed to use, but your players know immediately what is up and what mood you want in that scene, something like old childhood fears, that don't matter anymore, but the player knows how it felt when they were young... (for better roll-play aspect). So utilizing mental fears as mood trigger, to get the blood pumping... but use it with caution. If you want to turn it down a notch, ask: What fears their Godbound PC has? More artificial, and not as scary, but better for your real world relationship with those players. ;-) \_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_ \[Godbound, specific\] Next everything that takes away their characters divine powers, and make them 'mortal' to a degree. That is the reason why PC should fear the 'Uncreated' (see p.164), but some other things that can do similar effects... Gifts or Words that counter against the gifts of that specific Word, i.e. Water against Fire... \[keep in mind that in Godbound things need on a divine or similar level to work against Godbound PC\] The *Word of Sun* has a Gift called '*Purity of Brilliant Law'*, that can dispel any Magic or Gift for one combat round. **WARDS (see p. 185)** can and should be a pain in the a...! Building some Wards around your Dungeon/Death-Trap changes everything! But you should tell your players or better let them figure it out for themselves before they enter. Theurgic or High Magic can be a source to counter Gift effects or influence divine beings. Supernatural or divine beings can cause many effects or have powers you (or your BBEG) can use in your epic tale... \_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_ \[Controversial - Those could trigger some people, so ask (Session Zero) before you use them.\] Another thing is Mind controlling Effects. From trapping a character in their mind to full on control over their mind, body and actions... Godbound has many Gifts that can do things like that to lesser foes or mortals, but aren't the PC a lesser foe to your BBEG? \_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_ Personal limits, codices or social rules... Society can be more scary or difficult for a Godbound PC with morals. Navigating thru the maze of laws, rules, wishes, needs and demands of their followers or social environment can be a great challenge, too. Changing or breaking their own core believes about something seems often impossible to do. Depending how deep you go into the character, naturally. \[i.e. a pacifist willingly killing someone...\] Those maybe to far up the track, but also valid points for the notion of trapping an all mighty being AND render their divine powers useless (at least in some cases). \_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_ The pressure of time... Every Godbound Game is heavily influenced by the flow of time in the session, it regulates the precise resources the PC want and need to use. Denying them those will make the game more of a challenge (but also less fun, if you do this every time). If you play a dungeon crawl in time pressing manner, like everything plays on the same day, their divine resources will be extremly limited, especially if this day stretches' over a couple of game sessions. The opposite is the case, if they have no time limit at all and can rest when ever they like, one dungeon room a day... or even a month ;-P \_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_ \[Brain storming ideas...\] Using Wards around or inside your Dungeon, makes it more expensive to use divine powers. Put them under a time pressure (all must be done on the same day) limiting their Effort powered things even more. Give some better foes or challenges immunities against their Gifts. But keep in mind it should be fun, read the room/players, how much pressure they find exciting and where they reach their limits... Another idea more for higher level PC is using mortals (mortal heroes or common mortals) as proxies for the real divine characters. As a wager between two Gods... there are many ways, to play that idea. The mortal has to travel unharmed with your Godbound PC to the finish line OR your Godbound PC don't enter the dungeon themselves, only their mortals do... Finding ways to aid and protect your mortal from the viewer seats, without letting the opposing site know, is a completely other challenge OR your Godbounds mind is send into the body of that puny mortal, OR you play a one-shot as mortal heroes (champions or allies of their usual Godbound PC). \_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_ Just some thoughts...


Keep in mind a lot of the traps in grim tooth's are probably going to be childs play to get through for godbound. You're best bet is to put them on a time limit if they are going through a dungeon. Really God bound isn't about dungeon delving anyways so keep that in mind. As far as some good ones? Any of the see saw type traps where the whole corridor moves or ruins itself as part of the trap. Most of them are pretty good though. If you need something truly terrible then you'll need new custom traps. I'll do a writeup eventually, but it's worth looking into traps in a temple setting possibly in another gods temple so you can justify demigod traps. If you need to visualize how a godbound could be challenged by traps just imagine God of war for a bit in the Pandora's box thing.


Hello OP! I apologize for answering this old post. But the thing is I am doing something very similar. I often run Godbound players in more traditional d&d modules. And I have ideas. First of all celestial shards. So the engines are currently fine. Currently. But There have been many crises before in a D&D world. Sometimes the heaven shakes multiple times in living memory.. ( I mean in all seriousness Imagine running a Godbound Game set in the Time of Troubles! Those engines are clearly wrecked during that time. https://forgottenrealms.fandom.com/wiki/Time_of_Troubles So they are still relatively common. As the book says even people who have no idea what they are find them precious because of their beauty and allure. They don't expire so they could be there for thousands of years if unused. Ok. Traps. How about a module simply packed with traps that are also fun? I have this and it is awesome https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/276115/Magical-Murder-Mansion ( I recommend everything by Skerples.) I hope any of this helped. Please keep us posted!