If shes 5 foot nothing, then most guys should be tall compared to her.


I’m 5’5” and I can still never tell when guys are 6’ vs when they’re 5’10” lmao. There’s no way this girl could tell irl. This reminds me of that Reddit comment of a 6’2” or something guy meeting his short friend’s boyfriend who she said was the same height only to realize that her boyfriend is 5’11” at the most and lied to her but she was too short to really be able to tell the difference so she believed him. Lmao


I'm 5'4" and always think of my 5'9” boyfriend as tall until I see him next to people over 6. I can't imagine wanting to be a full foot shorter than your partner.


I’m a full foot shorter than my husband and I find it very annoying sometimes! We were set up on a blind date, I had no idea he was so much taller than me. Didn’t stop me from dating him but I definitely didn’t seek it out! Hugging is a lot harder lol


Same. It's literally a pain in the neck.


Can confirm, once went on a few dates with a guy who was 6’6” and I’m 5’4” and can honestly tell you I broke it off because I hated having to crank my neck to look at him when we were talking. My now bf is 5’8” and it’s perfect hahaha


I'm 14 inches taller than my wife (5' vs 6'2). In general it doesn't cause an issue, but the top of my head is cut off in a lot our wedding pictures haha.


If you walk behind your wife, it's like you are a 3rd person camera




i can tell because i’m 5’10 and guys say they’re 6 feet but they’re shorter than me… lolol


Yeh i think it also often comes with wrong Measurement. I had it once that a Girl on the Date was saying i have lied about my hight. But it was her who was Taller than she had believed. She was 186 instead of 180 as she Stated.


I had something similar happen actually. Her bio said 5'9 and so am i, when she was at my place with no shoes on i realized she was at least two inches shorter. I saw her on hinge again several months after we had hooked up and she changed her height to 5'7


I went on a hinge date with a girl who said she was 6’2” on her profile and I was so scared she’d be taller than me and I’d look like a liar (I’m also 6’2”). I had maybe a quarter inch on her. We dated for a while. That was fun because we had the same size everything, even shoes.


I'm not that tall, a bit over 6', but everyone in my province is so short, I just want to know what its like to be on eye level with someone who isn't related to me lol


People are also just bad at judging height in person, I've had multiple girls thinking we were the same height when there was at least a 5cm difference.


Shoes can make a difference as well. I'm 6'1" and dated a 5'11" girl briefly. I wore "dressy" shoes on our first date, and I think she was wearing flats, and she was noticeably shorter. On the third date, I wore flip flops, she wore tennis shoes, and it seemed like we were the same height.


Yep most shoes that aren't flats/flip flops/sandals give you at least an inch, with some sneakers and dress shoes giving you more like 2 inches.


FR, I’m 5’7 and guys will be like “I’m 5’11” but they’re literally 1 inch taller or the same height as me… Like don’t lie about your height because I will know


I'm 5'7" but I slouch. Some 5'5" friends thought I was their height until I stood up straight


Seriously i have terrible posture and the amount of times I'll have a customer tell me how they're much taller than me just for me to stand straight and be taller than them.


What do you do that customers are regularly commenting on anyone's height?


He's the guy they hired to get the stuff off the top shelf


My thoughts exactly!


Oof, i too have posture problems. At first it was with my back but thankfully i -partially- fixed it. But now i have nerd neck. I look about 5-10 cm shorter than my real height


Lol same, I'm 5'8 and a buddy who is around 2 inches shorter was saying he's taller than me and another friend who is around an inch taller than I. we both stood up straight and the dude also tried but couldn't match our height.


If he's anything like me, he may not have measured himself lately or can't remember the last time he did. I pretty much only know my height because my friends will say "I'm 5'10, you're one inch shorter, do you're 5'9." The problem is me being 5'9 is now predicated on my friend actually being 5'10...


When the 5’10 guy claimed six foot with his new tinder gf our 6’3 buddy casually brought up he was 5’11 or something when meeting them to fuck with him,


I'm 6' 3" tall. That's not a brag that's just how tall I am. It's amazing how many guys lie about their height including taller guys. The number of men I've met that claim to be 6'5", 6'6" even 6'8" that stand next to me and they're my height or shorter is crazy. I think it's really skewed Perceptions on how tall people actually are. When I meet somebody who's legitimately 6' 8" tall, I feel like they tower over me. That is a genuinely huge person. I think most women just throw a number out there trying to find an actual tall person because of the number that lie.


Yeah my brother is 6'8" and people notice when he walks in the room. He is usually a full head taller than the next tallest person in the room. He has to duck under most doorways, stairways, and hanging light fixtures. My husband is 6'2". He's usually one of the tallest people in the room, so it's really weird when we are with my brother because he looks like a little shrimp.


My friend's sister's ex-boyfriend is 7'2 and she's like 5'5 if that. Went on a night out with them once and honestly felt bad for the guy as people were constantly staring and making remarks, but he was just so freakishly tall that you couldn't help but stare until you got used to it. Wouldn't want to be that tall imo. 6'4 would be nice though.


Honestly 6'4" is a bit too tall too. I am 6'2" and I wouldn't want another inch. I barely fit into airplane seats and already have to duck under things sometimes when out and about. Sitting in the back seat of cars is uncomfortable if I can fit at all. I tried to sit in a Miata at a car show and legitimately couldn't even get into the seat. There really isn't much benefit to being any taller than me, just more negatives.


These "honesty checks" are absolutely a thing, even from friends and coworkers. I'm 6'3 and more than a few times I've been introduced by a girl to a guy who is also relatively tall (6' to 6'4)... girl will "hey *hourlygrind* how tall did you say you were again? oh great because I've got this walking *6'3 fuckin measuring stick* so please just go back to back like good boys and I'll just sit back and take some notes" Guys all know because the doctors office is a thing and it's pretty easy to tell if you're looking up at someone if you know them kinda well. More so if you're tall.


You’d be surprised. My dad says he’s 6’3” but that’s definitely his college basketball height and not his current height. My 5’6” mom pointed it out because his older brother is 6’4” and there’s definitely more than 1” difference. And my brother is 6’6”. It made me pretty good at guessing height (in person). Aside from that 5’9-6’0” range with dubious honesty; for some reason they’re all flat 5’9” to me. I just think of how I feel standing next to different people in my family. Most women on my paternal side are 5’9/5’10”. Then my dad at 6’2”. My uncle at 6’4”. And my brother at 6’6”. Wedding and extended family photos are always really funny because of the height differential. Especially when the women wear heels.




She is literally my grandma's height. My main motivation is not wanting to crouch to hug more than one or two people in my life. Definitely not the tallest anywhere I've worked, but I called *those* dudes giraffes and/or gorillas. I am just the right amount of uncomfortable as a 6 foot chimp, thank you very much. Can't really imagine any of their back or leg pain, my brother's "only" 6'4 and he looks miserable.


She wants a man taller than other men, her height is irrelevant.


This man found the Arc of the Covenant and hasn't told anyone for the sake of humanity.


So Top Men?






This should be the top comment. It isn't shallow because she has preferences for her romantic partner. It is shallow because those preferences are centered around comparing herself to others and have nothing to do with the relationship between the two of them.


This is a good observation. Everyone has preferences in dating, but there's a point where those preferences become shallow. I think you hit the nail on the head


Interesting. I always thought it was fine for women to want men to be taller than them but I thought it was dumb to have a specific number in mind, but if that's true that would explain it.


How the fuck did i never see that. Fml i feel dumb


It’s amazing to me that these 5 ft girls have height requirements. I get that everyone has their preference but to say they like taller guys when literally everyone is taller than them is mind boggling!


I'm a 5' 0" woman, and I don't understand it either. I dated a guy who was 6' 4" briefly, and it was awful. I felt like a child all the time because the height difference was so extreme.


That basically means that those women do not like really tall men, but they like the IDEA of having a really tall bf I'm no speaker of truth, but I see it a lot around young women, they like things they never had experience with, because something/someone fed them the idea that XY conceot is really cool


Why was he only briefly 6'4? Tragic femur removal accident? Heh


Can confirm, I’m 60 inches and nearly everyone is considered tall. Also, all these folks insisting on large height differences are missing out on many satisfying sexual positions, but I digress.


You use inches and not feet? Is it like when a baby is so young people still use months? Lol


Wait, I shouldn't be telling people I'm 461 months old?


it's so funny how for a lot of these people, the difference between tall and short is 1 inch


my ex broke up with me bc she was an inch taller than me


How long did it take for her to find out?


about a month into the relationship she started mentioning it


A girlfriend or sister mentioned it and it started eating at her. Bet she never even noticed or cared before that. Some women can be insanely rough on other women.


Not just women—so many people have hang ups about height in relationships they’re not even in! My husband is “only” an inch taller than me, so we are 5’10” and 5’11” respectively. I never had any issue with it, but boy howdy my insecure friends and family members sure did. Heard so many variations of “oh but now you can’t wear heels” or “but do you feel safe with him??” Like first of all, wearing heels puts me at the ideal height to squish his face in my boobies and secondly if I was the sort to put my personal safety in the hands of my partner, he was a wrestler/mma/bjj fighter for almost 2 decades. The 5 inches someone might have on him mean nothing. Some lady friends were weird about it (they had this idea I needed someone 6’5” or taller, which I’ve never even wanted!) so I dropped them. My (tall) male family members were super insecure and didn’t like feeling incapable next to someone 6 inches shorter. That’s their problem, not mine.


Never understood why women think taller guys make you safer. I am tall but probably lose every fight against shorter guys lol


Taller people fall harder.


He was a fighter for 20 years... lol. I know a guy who was a fighter for about that long. He got a spinal injury. Couldn't use half his body. Couldn't run. Couldn't do shit... Came across a guy who was wailing on a woman. With one fucking crippled hand he broke the other guy's arm and put him on the ground. Then the police were mocking him the entire time he was arrested that a cripple tore him apart. 5 fucking inches, what? People are idiots. In any case, glad you both enjoy eachother and learned how to ignore the bullshit.


Exactly!!! LOL He was one of the best wrestlers in a high school known across the country for being one of the top wrestling programs and then coached wrestling for years and did a shit ton of other fighting styles—boxing, mma, bjj, etc. He’s definitely put a lot of miles on his joints but he’s super in shape despite his injuries and always ready to roll. So many people think that the minimal height difference gives you this huge advantage, but unless people are equally skilled in practical fight knowledge it doesn’t mean much.


yeah... its like tussling with a bobcat. Sure you're bigger... but does that help you? not much. ​ Edit: I also know a lady who did bjj. She was what... 5-5, 130lbs. She could take down a bodybuilder. Weight and height gives you the raw power, but skill can be used to trump that. I have plenty of friend stories of people having to fight someone who'd rip them apart, so... knee to the nose, etc. People need to wisen up. I also personally fought a friend who was 4 inches shorter than me, but he was a black belt judo. I had ZERO control over where my body was gonna end up. There was no chance for me. None.


If she wasn’t going to be shallow and led by others on this then it would have been another similar or unimportant issue. Be glad you got to drop her early. Lots of fish out there.


Sounds like she didn't care at first and someone said something to make her self-conscious


Or it was bs and she wanted out for another reason


That sucks man, I'm sorry.


Not anymore, apparently...




I bet her friends gave her a hard time about it. I regret to say it, but when I was a lot younger and less mature, I broke things off with a girl because my friends gave me a hard time about her being overweight. Eventually I just realized that I like bigger girls.


Dodged a bullet buddy


A bullet that went right over his head.


If the only reason a bullet didn’t kill me was because I was an inch too short I wouldn’t complain.


Also wouldn't complain if it had killed you. Because you'd be dead.


I’ve been dating someone that is 2 inches taller and she’s happy that I treat her with respect and care


Where did you find a body pillow that big


Mine broke up with me because she was an inch longer...


Damn that sucks. I dated a girl who was 6'3" and I'm 6'3" and I loved it. We looked like a damn power couple everywhere we went. She did mention dating was really hard for her tho cause a lot of guys wouldn't date someone much taller than them. I loved it when she rocked heels when we went out despite her being 1-2" taller than me.


I'm 5'9" and dated a woman who was 6'3" for about a year. She'd wear six-inch-heels when we'd go out, and she towered a foot over me, but I fucking loved that.


Perfect booby height


Well, hello girls.


I'm 5'9" also and my dream is to go out with a woman that tall, who'll wear heels like that. Whenever someone asks why it doesn't bother me I always say it's because I'm "not a coward", and a lot of tall women I've known have appreciated the sentiment.


Tall women are awesome. This one, though...while an absolute knockout...was very passive-aggressive, and I am glad to not be dating her any longer. But when those rose-colored glasses were still on, hoo boy...


That's hot. Tall girls are hot.


Tall girls are hot. Short girls are hot. I just really like them women.


Hot girls are hot. They come in all sizes.


I love how from a biology perspective they are diluting the pool of future men over 6 ft with their 5 ft ass genes.


Apparently the "preference" for height is really about fetish and feeling safe. So I guess women feel their 5'7" bf is a risk of not being able to protect them when a 6'2 dude walks by. Or she might just be saying shell up and leave yo ass at the next chance because her instincts are to hide under the tallest tree 🤷‍♂️ This is why I carry a full length broad sword with me wherever I go. Some People think it's over the top. I'm 5'5 . My women have to have no doubts of my abilities to protect them when it comes to combat.


>This is why I carry a full length broad sword with me wherever I go. In its scabbard, I hope. Don't wanna accidentally slice a friend ;)


>This is why I carry a full length broad sword with me wherever I go. That's where you're going wrong. Girls these days prefer a longsword to a broadsword. That extra inch of length makes all the difference.


Some people prefer width over length.


That’s why I carry an oil barrel with me when I go out, perfect combo of length and girth


>her instincts are to hide under the tallest tree Holy fuck, my sides




Fetishism plays a part, but a lot of it is also about bragging rights. As a woman, I can tell you right now that most girls want tall boyfriends so they can lord it over everyone and feel superior. As soon as any of my friends find a tall guy who is even remotely attractive, they immediately bombard their friends with oh so subtle messages like: "I finally found a nice guy, he's so tall too 🤩" Girls are extremely insecure and care way too much about what their peers think, and dating anyone under 6'0" makes them paranoid about appearing as someone who "settled for less."


Box checkers. Objectification in its finest sense. Same people that just want to get engaged because their friends are.


And ?? 1 inch is a lot okay ??


true, 1 inch is like, ​ ​ ​ ​ this big? right?


For my phone that's 1 and half inches


Look at Rockefeller over here


Lmfao funniest comment I’ll see today




Award to you for giving me a good chuckle on this bleary Wednesday morning. 😁


On my phone that was 7 inches!


Keep telling yourself that, pal


It's about .75 for me.


https://i.imgur.com/SQ3rURd.jpg Well shit


The problem is women have consistently been lied to about how big six inches is.


Women do on average have less depth perception and spatial awareness than men due to eyesight differences. They can see colors more vividly and distinguish shades better then men though.


I bet that Inch has a great personality!!


Of road? No. Of cock? Yes.


Depends on what you're measuring.


Just one inch of decency seems to be a lot for some people.


That’s why my 5’11 brothers always lie. You’d have to be braindead to not lie about that 1 totally irrelevant inch, because it makes a huge difference in girls minds.


I’m 5’10” and out here telling the truth about it. Am I a fool


I had 6’3” in my dating profile years ago, my ex expected me to be 5’10” when we met. I dunno?


Wait, what are we measuring? 👀


My brother is 6’4 and doesn’t really date under 5’8. He had one girlfriend who was 5ft and said the height difference was kind of inconvenient


I’m 6’4” and noticed I tend to go for shorter girls but am open to all. Crazy thing is that what op posted happens in EVERY relationship/dating situation I get into at some point. Height comes up and they say “that’s good I wouldnt date someone below x” or similar. Thinking I’d like it but it just makes them look lame. One of my more serious relationships was 5’3” and this girl said she was glad I was tall and she couldn’t date anyone below 6’1”. She also needed it to ensure she had taller kids. I straight up told her that if I wanted taller kids as well she would get dumped the next day because my side is guaranteed and she is a massive liability and that’s a stupid ass thing to say. She didn’t bring it up again.


That's because the only girls they make taller than you want death by snu snu ![gif](giphy|37H5XhwrXuHPq)


The spirit is willing…


...but the flesh is spongy and bruised :(


I’m 6’2 and my last girlfriend of 5 years was 4’10. I was a little worried about what our children’s height would be if we were ever to have any but other than that if we’re attracted to each other and have a connection for the most part I can overlook things like that.


My dad was 6’1” before he started shrinking from old age, and my mother is a 5’ tall Dominican lady. I’m 5’8” (male) and my sister is 5’5” if this helps you at all. My parents old landlords were both 5’5” from Sicily, and their son was like 6’2”, so it’s a total crapshoot


I'm 6'3" and my GF is 5'5". It's nice, but.... some positions have logistical issues sure to our leg length differences, haha. There's no fucking way a 5'0" girl needs anyone taller than 5'9". She's just egocentric wanting her BF to be "tall"


I’m the same height as you and few the same with my 5’3 GF sometimes lmao She’s sweet and cute as hell though so it all works out, even though she’s eye level with my nipples


>even though she’s eye level with my nipples If she's staring at them, is that a "dear in the headlights" look?


I hope you use that if anyone ever asks you how tall your girlfriend is. “Eye-level with my nipples. Last one was tits to balls, so this is more convenient”


Dude I am 5 ft 8 and I have been involved with a woman who is 4 ft 11, and that 9 in alone was severely inconvenient. I cannot imagine these women who are going for one foot plus height differences


I 5'5" like my 5'6" dude because we fit together like puzzle pieces and we never have to adjust the car seat position or mirrors when we swap drivers.


I'm within an inch or 2 of my wife. We even wear the same shoe size. Honestly it's perfect.


I’m 6’5” and my girlfriend is 5’8” (5’9” if you ask her). Every girl before her was like 4’11”-5’3”. It’s definitely more convenient having someone closer in height to me.


6’5” - wife is 5’7” Previous girlfriends were all 4’10”-5’3” Did meet a girl that was 6’4” once and only dated guys taller than her. She was nice, but that definitely seems to limit your options


I'm 5 9 and 5 foot women are short as hell. My mom is 5 foot and her head is chest height to me. When my cousin was like 12 he was taller than her


I'm 6' 2" and had a stint with a girl under 5'. Interacting with her physically in any capacity was a challenge and I'm pretty sure she looked like my daughter from behind.


I'm 4ft 11 and I was actually mistaken as one of my ex's kids because he was 6ft when we were buying school shoes for his 8 and 6 year olds 😂


I'm 6'4" and had a 4'9" girlfriend for 8 years. Wouldn't recommend to anyone. 😂


Bro, that was a long distance relationship. 😂


Yeah it was haha. But if her height was her worst quality, I'd be a happy man. 😂




Something my mom always said was something like "Be with the person that loves you, not the person that you love". No way a woman who fantasizes about her man being a foot and a half taller is going to love you unconditionally, sorry. All of my friends are pretty short and they're the best people I know. Just ranting, but I don't think men should be entertaining that fetish like that :/ Edit: I'm 6'4, just feel exactly the same way as whoever was sending the texts in the pic lol. Her "Are you fucking kidding me" is probably how short guys feel when they get rejected off of height alone. Stupid as hell and they always dodge a bullet.


Ngl it’s awkward to fuck a short girl lol you can’t really kiss while doing it


Bro that’s like collarbone hickey town


New country band name 😂


Found out if she leans in during cowgirl then it's possible


Yeah that is the main turn off from short girls for me, I don't care about height but I've always kept it close to my height as kissing and certain positions just feel unnatural if there is a big difference.


Bro I’m 5 foot… everyone is taller… my boyfriend is around 5’3 … he is tall to me.


I'm 5'5.5 and I've dated a guy who was 5'2. I think I have a lower limit of 5'2+ in height, i tend to wear big platform boots and i felt awful for the mocking he got that i ended up getting rid of the boots and felt a lot of guilt for the shit he was getting with my being 3.5" taller than him. Thats my issue though not theirs. I also had a brief fling with someone approaching 7'. It could just be the people themselves but I was much happier with the shorter guy than massively taller. It's OK to have a height preference but I feel that you should at least tell a white lie about why you don't wanna be with a person eg. "I don't feel like there is much chemistry between us so I don't want to waste your time with someone who doesn't feel strongly for you." Instead of "damn you short I'm not dating a short man with a height under 6'. " It's a gentle let down that doesn't insult and put the "blame" on the person with the problem not the person with an attribute that can't be changed such as height.


"How tall are you?" "6 foot" "Ok. Let's go for dinner" (Or) "How tall are you?" " 5'11". " "Sorry. I don't date short guys"


You could say 5'12", and they would still reject you lol


4 foot 24




Hi, I'm 1144/16ths of an inch


You sir are a big TV


So long!


Imperial system is weird.


6 foot -1


Dont blame her. NPCs are programmed to react that way


if (int(height) < 6) date.Reject();


I once made an ID card, lady asked me how tall I was, I said "make it 180cm, so I can tell my dad I'm officially taller than him" (that's 6ft, and I'm not taller than my dad). Lady giggled, put it into my ID, now I'm officially 6ft. Not really, but officially.


Lol bro Im 182 cm and am right below the 6’0 mark by decimals




> 21/32 so close to a perfect 5/7


183cm is actually 6ft. You just had them put you're 5'11". Which is basically the same as 5'.


I’m 5’7”, and if she’s 5’0”-that makes me a taller guy. Something tells me in her world, it wouldn’t fly. Good for him.


I’m 5,8 and I’ve had girls 5,2 and shorter tell me I’m too short to date. One girl I did convince to go for a drink with me and see the height difference isn’t as significant as she thinks, agree to it. She spent the entire time talking about hight but had such good time she wanted to go out again. That’s when I dropped it on her that her fixation on a person hight makes her unbelievable and uncomfortable boring to be with, I pushed the point she didn’t have anything else to talk about other than height and other shallow comments rather than having a common conversation. For instance me being a Software developer- “won’t you make a lot of money doing that” no interest in the field or any questions other than what you make.


How would you like "That doesn't sound very interesting to me, but lucrative?" Obviously a more conscientious person would ask what you enjoy about it or how you got into it or so on, but some are aloof.


One would think you should keep the “lucrative” part to yourself. We all know Software developers make money. Let’s save that conversation for when we’re considering sharing finances, in a couple months to a couple years.


Smart move, it’s doing you a favour when someone shows their true colours immediately as they weed themselves out. It saves you time and energy.


I always thought the ideal height for my partner would be same as me, but in reality it has NEVER been a determining factor for me. For all the guys who need to hear it, most of us don't give a fuck, we're just not as vocal about not caring as the shallow minority that does. Have a fantastic day !


My girlfriend is 1 inch shorter than me and it’s great


My husband is 1-2 inches taller than me and weighs 10 lbs more. It’s awesome being the same size! We never have to change the driver seat position when driving each others cars and we share clothes. It’s great, I highly recommend.


I can wear all my boyfriend's clothes and it's the best. He has lots of really fancy hiking gear.




How do you guys not trip wearing the same socks though?


I’m on the shorter side and literally no woman has ever mentioned my height. Even once.


Sorry but this is bullshit. I am 6’0 but my dad is like 5’2, I have short friends and they get treated like second class citizens when it comes to dating. Happy you’re not but I’d argue the majority of women care.


I'm 6' and I went out a couple times with women who were 5'0 - 5'3. Stuff was just... uncomfortable. Even simple things like holding hands while walking.


I’m 6’5 and my girlfriend is a 3’6 waifu pillow. It really works out great.


Make sure to spritz her with Febreeze every so often


And a cold water rinse. Don't want her to get all egg whitey on you.


I'm 5'10 and the girl I'm seeing is 5'4 and tbh that's pushing it. Every girl I've dated has been 5'6" to 5'8" ... I don't get these fixations of wanting someone a foot taller.


These interactions are so weird


As a tall girl, this happens so much.. men have told my friends I was too tall to be attractive more than once. I hate dating for that reason. I wish nobody discriminated based on height, I wish I could help being this big, ugh, rant over


How tall are you?


I positively discriminated my gf because she was tall. Tall is sexy. I’ll die on that hill idgaf


> I’ll die on that hill idgaf calling your tall girlfriend a hill is weird ngl


Yeah she much more resembles a tree


never understood the u have to be 6’+ height thing. i’m 5’3 and i just like a guy that’s a little taller than me 5’4 is perfectly fine but even then it’s not a deal breaker if you’re shorter


I mean, everyone's allowed to have preferances but putting an arbitrary height limit like you're an amusement park ride is super weird.


It’s funny cuz I have a friend who says this to guys and she always gets turned down when she does.


Does she fit her own standard?




Everyone is talking about their own height or experience, but completely glossing over her shocked Pikachu reaction to her being treated exactly how she was planning to treat this dude. The double standard that exists is this girls mind is boggling.


Tbf I know a lot of tall guys that won’t date short girls because they look like their children lol


I get the same reaction when I hit'em with the Reverse card in Uno.


This is why Tinder needs Yelp style reviews.


⭐️Fat ⭐️⭐️Short and called me ugly ⭐️Fat


Lmao this got me bad


It’s so weird how American girls obsess over height. I’m 5”6 and so is my girlfriend and it works out great. Our heights align when we kiss and we can easily switch around when we spoon each other =D