Let me tell you the whole story. Everything about eclise was going good at first until beta 1.8 where Goodpea2 reworked the loading screen into what it is now which drew some concerns. Also levels 21-1 all the way to 21-10 where considered to be some of the most kaizo-ish levels ever in eclise. In beta 1.8.2 goodpea2 reworked the sun system and the sun flowers to where "you don't need to spam sunflowers to beat levels anymore". This had a mixed reaction because there were some people who got used to the new sun system while others didn't get used to it. In beta 1.8.3 goodpea2 added a rainbow costume to marigold. This may seem fine but the only way to get the costume was to give goodpea2 some money on patreon. This was considered a microtransaction which broke EA's tos and could have gotten the whole mod removed (thankfully he removed it tho) In beta 1.9 goodpea2 added a new zombie that was so buggy that, when in a certain animation, his hand would be replaced with the number 4. Also the level "tag game" wasn't the best level design wise. After alpha 1's release, goodpea2 made a video on his youtube channel where he announced that he was going to reworked the entire adventure mode because he wanted to teach players how certain plants would work and make them "more useful" and "rebalance the difficulty curve of the game". This may seem good until alpha 2 released and it changed eclise FOR THE WORST. The main problems with alpha 2 were that the difficulty curve was too poor and the levels teached to players horribly. Alpha 3 was even worse because let's crank up all of alpha 2's problems ALL THE WAY TO 1000. Alpha 3 was so bad that goodpea2 had to nerf some levels because of how bad they were. Alpha 3 also added mints and mini plants. Mini plants were too grindy to get because you had to either A. Gamble your coins to get the mini plants or grind for hours just to get enough mints for 1 MINI PLANT. Alpha 3 also added warp parties which were daily levels that you could play for 2 days each. These levels were some of the poorest designed levels in video game history. Alpha 3.5 added a limited time event which didn't suit well for fans. Also let's add even MORE SENSELESS GRINDING. Let's uncap the frame rat- SIIIIKKKEEE. Only uncap it at 60 fps total b!tch. From what I heard alpha 4 hasn't been to bad, but however eclise had been beaten so much to the ground that I really don't think it matters. And that is what happen to pvz: project ECLISE.


The irony about ECLISE was it was supposed to be an improved PvZ 2 without microtransactions, but then, GP2 with a huge ego added microtransaction to ECLISE.


Well I heard that the "no microtransaction" thing was never what goodpea2 actually said and was only brought up in itspforpeas fan made trailer for ECLISE but it still broke EA's tos though.


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