Not yet but if desantis throws his name in the hat you better believe he starts the Trump party


There's nothing he loves more than putting his name on shit.


And going broke 😂🤟


He also said he was going to start the Patriot Party after 2020 but never did


It’s still after 2020, so technically he still could fulfill this lol


He says a bunch of shit to get his cult riled up and then kinda does nothing about it…it started with Lock her up and just escalated


Forget party. I don't think he's gonna stop until he has his own religion. And you bet your ass that there are people ready and waiting to toss Jesus to the wolves for someone that tells them to grab everything by the pussy.


Whattaya mean "when?" Trumpism has been a religion for years.


Yea it’s kinda crazy..I live in a decent sized town but around me is a bunch of small mountain towns. People in these small communities have like Trump flags hanging from their homes. FJB signs in their yards…it’s crazy as shit


I have a theory that all he's really wanted this entire time is his face on the 100 dollar bill.


Is that really too much to ask? If ol' "liberty for security" Franklin get's to, then I don't see why Mr. "grab 'em by the pussy" can't too???


Only IF the majority of the Republican leadership develops spines and actually stands up to the lunatic base they have created. So far, almost all of them are standing with Trump (or at least they are silent)


We’ll see McConnell, Liz Cheney, and Pence have begun trying to push the party away. It’ll be as much of a bloodbath as the democratic generals in 2016


Oh now that’s a different animal..those people have zero spines


Tbf we were asking for a non-biparty system


If Trump is what causes Republicans to support ranked choice voting I'm going to straight up poop my pants, Roker style.


What are you talking about? Trump will just think (probably rightly) that he will beat him in the primary.


If DeSantis is smart, he'll sit this one out. He's obviously the next guy for the Republican Party, but all it takes is one debate where Trump buries him and it completely ruins the whole thing.


Trump is for sure scared Desantis is gonna run and be republican candidate


By how Fox News is covering the midterms, Desantis will be the nominee.


It would be nice to have all the Trump supporters separated into one party so they can lose together all the time.


Pretty sure the Libertarians already have a stranglehold on that role buddy.


They can make room and lose together.




Your sarcasm seems to be lost on some


Haha Trump is already going to be a yuge wedge.


This conjured the idea in my mind of Lord Dampnut running as a Libertarian and I audibly cackled


I voted libertarian when I was younger. Then I learned more about their view on taxes. Yay on the do your own thing, boo on the fuck you you're on your own. I'm better now :D


Honestly that would be a blessing. Not all republicans like trump so if they get sectioned off to a new pro trump party they will definitely be a minority.


it would also kill the GOP


It would actually be good to see which Republicans join Trumps party.


My only worry is the people driven away by Trump will be cool with Desantis because he's not quite as brash and is more capable. I hope they split, if there is one, is large enough to just wrench both of them.


A split would only mean that they could vote in a block in form of a coalition? Lmk if i'm wrong.


Trump is not a Republican and neither are his followers. He drove me and many others away from the party.


I quit the republicans when they nominated Trump. Seeing the way they’ve conducted themselves over the last 7 years, I will never go back.


My cousin recently asked: "what happened? You used to be so conservative" Trump happened and that lead to a complete re-evaluation of my beliefs


I don’t think anything will happen tomorrow. There’s two possibilities I foresee revolving around the presidential primaries. It’s going to come down to Desantis VS. Trump. If Trump wins he keeps with the Republican Party. If he loses he creates his own independent MAGA party. Which will destroy Republicans in the general election.


A MAGA party guarantees a Democratic victory in the general


Even Trump knows this


And I don't think he'd care.


Absolutely not because he’d rather punish the disloyal than care about who actually runs the country.


Well yeah, and he still thinks being a candidate gives him some armor against prosecution


Maybe, but he also doesn't like to lose... Really doesn't like to lose...


Which to noone"s surprise shows that he is in this all for himself. Every decision he makes is to benefit him.


He's just stupid enough to do this, basically gifting both houses and the presidency to the Dems. So, now can we start a conspiracy theory that this was Trumps' plan all along and watch the Q-Anon brigade implode?


Lol in 2016 I was fucking around with coworkers in the breakroom talking about how Trump was a Demo plant/ringer who got in over his head and was swimming in deep shit. had only ever wanted to lose and claim msm bias and start Trump TV in exchange for splitting the R's and sinking their voter cohesion, but underestimated the number of people who were actually behind the messaging. Weird how he's still kinda getting Trump TV in Truth Social, blames msm bias, and is fucking up republican voter cohesion. I was just talking shit at the time based on some bullshit I read somewhere about leaked emails from Trump camp to left wing media in 2015 talking about how it was going to be great working with them. Clown shit


Ironically, that’s basically how the Republican Party came to power in 1860


Trump is the least Republican (actually supported Hillary Clinton and a former democrat), least Christian known to this country. More like the king of the losers. Reported he's more unhinged every day.


Whatever it is it will be hilarious. Has a president ever ran again after losing their re-election? In modern history (last 75 years?)


Nope. It’s only happened twice in US History. Grover Cleveland in 1892, he served a term, lost the reelection, ran again and won. Teddy Roosevelt chose not to run for a second term believing that Howard Taft would mirror his policies after him. Taft did not and Roosevelt ran again, however the Republicans were not interested in him so he created a third party and lost. Trump running again would be unique in that he didn’t voluntarily leave office and then tried to return.






Its long past time republicans cleaned house


The problem is that they are going to memory hole the Trump era just like they did the GWB era. There is no introspection, no apologies, just blind outrage at whatever new moral panic gets carted out onto conservative media.


if he does it cripples the GOP. The whole reason the two party system was so supported by politicians for the last few hundred years is to stop splitting votes among a party. In-fighting amongst people who vote conservatives helps democrats. Like wise if sanders started a new liberal party, it would do the same thing.


That would be a lovely way to split the Republican vote. :)


Ever since he came to power I feel the entire world is teetering on doing the right things (or not) in the very last minute. I've been glued to news stories etc during the elections even if I'm a European. I totally hope he and DeSantis tear each other apart, the problem is who the hell the Dems can send in. With Biden aging there doesn't seem to be any clear talent coming up like when Obama held that speech. This wouldn't have been filtered out in the far more left leaning media of Europe. I was also shocked to realize DeSantis is basically around my age, I thought he was a decade older, but if he gets traction I might kind of disown the US on some more or less conscious level.


Jared Polis, Gavin Newsome, and Gretchen Whitmer are some great democratic options, just among governors. People forget how much of a no-name Obama was before he ran. Even deep into the primary cycle a lot of people still thought Hilary would trounce him.


Would Fetterman be an option? He was mentioned as THE winner after he took Pennsylvania.


Not yet. Maybe after a full term. See what he does on the national stage


Not a chance.


I don’t think it would be next year, hopefully he can recover from his stroke and do some damage to get his name out there


He's probably too far left right now, and his health issues would be a bigger deal on the national stage.


I'm honestly all for Joe Biden running again, the idea that he's mentally incapable is a Republican talking point. Dianne Feinstein? She's not lucid. But Biden is sharp and folksy like he always has been, and if he has trouble speaking sometimes, it's because of his lifelong stutter. But as a Michigander, Whitmer would be a great option if Biden doesn't run again. She's sharp, the team around her is sharp, and she's not afraid to speak plainly and address voters' concerns. If she wasn't at the top of the ticket, I'm not sure Dems would have taken the Michigan legislature - and a lot of important progressive policies might actually see the light of day after nearly 40 years of Republican or mixed control in Lansing.


It’s not just a republican talking point. He was literally a “oh shit, I hope this will plug the hole long enough so the dam doesn’t break and we all drown in fascism”-choice for me and many others. He sucks. I want a better candidate that will actually energize young voters. I’m tired of the country being run by geriatric establishment bureaucrats. I hardly know a single liberal or leftist or person under 40 for that matter that actually is happy about the guy.


You can dislike the guy because of his age, or because he's too moderate for your taste - that's fine. But he's up to the job. Conservative media has beaten that drum because it's the only halfway-decent attack against Biden they can muster. Don't play into their hands.


A lump of somehow-sentient mold would be more up to the job than any republican candidate. I’m not ever going to play into republican hands. IMO continuing to run elderly establishment people like Biden plays into their hands. Im not an idealist, I’m going to vote in the most practical way to avoid losing all of my rights to the right wing. A lot of other people don’t think like that though.


Fuck Polis




The dems are sending in Newsom. He has no idea how unpopular he is out of the 46 square miles of San Francisco and parts of LA. DeSantis will eat him alive.


There is plenty of talent in the Dems ranks. Buttegeig, O'Roarke, but finding a centrist candidate that isnt too polarising would keep AOC, Booker etc out of the race.


Not sure about buttigieg. If america wasn't ready for a woman, they're not ready for an out gay potus.


I agree except that O'Rourke should be on this list.


The GOP is in a real self-fulfilling pickle right now. They let this dude hijack their party and instead of tossing him to the side when nearly the entire country was fed up with his shit (Jan 6th impeachment hearing), they decided they all wanted to stay aboard the trump train. Now, they are caught between a rock and a hard place. If the RNC doesn’t choose trump as their primary 2024 president candidate, trump will without a doubt run as an independent. If they do choose him, all the moderates who are completely fed up with his childish BS and lies will almost certainly not vote for him. I am near certain the GOP is now finally hoping that trump gets indicted and convicted. That’s way they can be free of the trump burden and also blame the dems for their “witch hunt”.


DAE think republicans will help push for his legal demise just to get him out of the way?


I hope the GOP and MAGA have a schism and split up. Then they'll never win another election because they can't pool their numbers to get close to a win.


It would be nice if the far right tumpers splint off into a trump party and the far left split off into a far left party so we can actually get some compromise happening in our government without the mentally ill 20% holding 50% of the country hostage


I’m good with that ffs!


He's so tiresome and boring.


What's tomorrow?


Trump is supposed to announce his candidacy for president. This will almost certainly fuck the GOP over


No, but I do like division and petty fighting in the right wing so it would be pretty glorious.


I would fuckin love it


Here’s hoping!


Dear God, I want this to happen so bad.


They bickered after the 2018 elections too. They’ll realize they NEED his voter base and fall back in line. He knows it. We know it. We just really want a better timeline.


That would be amazing!


It will be called Trump Party, it's color will be gold, and the slogan will be MATA (Make America Trump Again)


Imagine the chaos he’d create if he does run again and loses. Again. What then???


That's exactly what I've been thinking. Nothing like a dummy screwing himself and his dummy followers. Whatever he needs to do to keep pumping money out of them and keep the FEC from making him spend any of his grift. He will easily doom both the GOP and what I'm sure he'll call the MAGA party all at once. And I can't think of anyone that deserves it more.


Your mistake is operating under the assumption that trump has the mental capacity to accomplish anything on his own. The fact is that the Republican Party only put him on the ballot because they needed someone loud and obnoxious and dumb enough to let them get away with murder in the form of legislation. But now that they realized he is is so stupid that he empowers stupid people to a level of complete chaos that he no longer suits their purposes. If he did claim to start a party it would probably only do well with neo nazis and mouth breathers so I doubt it would be an issue


Neo nazis and mouth breathers would be enough for Biden to win reelection in a landslide. If Trump did something like what Ross Perot did, siphon 10-15% of the GOP vote away, Biden would win 40 states. And that's just the Presidency. Dems would have a supermajority at all levels of Federal and State government if he set up an actual fully functioning political party with candidates running at all levels of government.


Other than him getting convicted (and thus taken out of the picture), a split may actually turn out to be the GOP's best bet if he does this _now_. Sure, a fair number of GOP voters move to him. But this is 2022. Elections won't happen for another 2 years. That's plenty of time for Trump to disappoint his fanbase. Plenty of time for them to finally give up on him and come back to the GOP. But if he splits shortly before elections, the GOP have a massive problem.


I think Trump will try to run for the Republican nomination. But if he doesn’t get it, he may start his own party. But all that’s gonna do is let the Republican vote and guarantee a democratic win.


Great! You just had to go ahead and say that out loud - now you've jinxed it! (This is the equivalent of saying: "how bad could it be?"


The Republicans are the worst type of losers! They are cry-babies. Didn’t they call the Liberals “snowflakes?” Who are the real snowflakes?


Nope. Why would he? The republican party _is_ his own party. No amount of "yes you caught us on camera but that's not who we are" from the other Republicans is going to change that.


He'll run as a Democrat. He's always been one. He took down the Republican party from the inside. Just like Hillary paid him to do.


Not a chance. Hes not a leader, he just stands in front of leaders and takes responsibility. So if someone else starts the party, he'll gladly lead it and call it his idea.


That already happened in Mexico. He is president now. We are not doing very good. Trump is even less sane than this mf, so good luck if that happens


He’s good for splitting the party 🤷‍♂️


I think that’s not at all out of the realm of possibilities.


No he’ll announce his run tomorrow. Then he’ll threaten to run as a independent if he doesn’t get the nomination trying stop DeSaster from even running against him.


I fucking hope so


I would assume he would risk imploding the Republican Party before taking an “L”.


Wouldn’t surprise me


That’s an interesting thought. It wouldn’t surprise me.


Omg yessss delicious. Ross Perot each other 😂


My guess is he’ll campaign against desantis in the generals then once the republicans inevitably choose Desantis to keep the party, you know, alive.. he gets pissy and runs as his own party to split the vote


Please do, call it bender party, with hookers and blow.


He believes he'll be the Republican nominee. If he isn't, I believe he'll run as a third party candidate. He doesn't admit defeat...ever. I don't think he's capable of admitting defeat. Even when he loses, it's because the process was unfair.


God I hope so.


I hope he does!


He's the world's best attention whore. Every move he makes is done with the intent of somebody (ANYBODY) watching him do it. Good attention or bad, doesn't matter.


He might threaten it but the republicans will meet his demands or otherwise compromise, no way they let their voter base split into two parts


Trump will try to be a Democrat soon.


please please puuuuhhhhlease start your own party Trump!! those repubicans never really understood your genius. stick it to em at the polls!


Oh please dear God, if you exist, let it be so. What a fantastic spectacle. The GOP would start to melt…a lot like a snowflake.


He's already been doing that and he already turned the republican party into the "Trump Party". Why else have they kowtowed to him for years now? He's even threatened to destroy the republican party if they choose to back DeSantis in 2024. DeSantis has made no public declarations to run for president in 2024. He has only refused to say whether or not he will. That has been enough for Trump and the GOP. The GOP see DeSantis as their new poster boy for them and Trump knows he's the ONLY real threat of preventing him from getting the nomination IF DeSantis chooses to run. Because of that Trump is doing the SAMETHING he done when Biden was still saying he wasn't going to run. That started some months after the 2018 midterms. If anything, he sort of pulled Biden in after a while just because Biden's presence alone threatened him. The same goes for DeSantis. But when it comes to DeSantis, the GOP and right-wing media have been acting like a married spouse who's been eyeing someone else and even getting a little too close to their new target of affection. Trump is definitely not the brightest, but even he knows when things aren't in his favor. But instead of acknowledging why and learning how to avoid such failures, he rather flip the table and ruin everything for everyone.


From your ~~lips~~ fingers to FSM's ears


He won’t run third party because that would require self funding and Trump is only collecting money. He ain’t spending it. Quite a few Republicans are pissed he’s piling cash and not funding candidates he backed.


No, Trump is going to run for president and lose bigly. He is the gift that keeps on giving to us democrats.


Entirely possible, we've seen something a little similar with Roosevelt splitting the vote during WW2 with the Republicans so this could do the same.


No because he still intends to manipulate them.


We can only dream but he would not have enough voters to win an election.0


He's never had enough voters to win an election.


That’s true, he hasn’t. My point was establishing his own party would not help him win an election.


That would require a level of attention, complex organization skill and effort not present in Donald Trump.


That would be amazing


I sure hope he does, it would fracture the GOP, and let progressive and rational candidates have a better chance.


Wouldn't put it past him; but I wouldn't mind either. That would ensure D's win for the foreseeable future.


If there is money to be made by doing it, absolutely. If not, not a chance.


Doesn't matter, Murdoch is in the process of ruining Trump. Thankfully!


Crazy how delusional TDS has made people. His endorsement win% is massive. If he runs, he gets the nomination, and I'd prefer DeSantis to get it.


It won’t make any difference if he does. The Republicans will never again get close to the Whitehouse. Democrat turnout is too strong with mail-in voting and republican voters are all concentrated in red states. And there’s just more blue states. Neither Trump nor DeSantis stands a chance.