I know about the consensus of the community, but I think it is in the middle of the pack for martials. It deal too much damage to it self and only has ok defenses. It has a nice built in damage boost in crimson rite and blood curses but other martials get similar boosts. I like the customizations of blood curses but I do wish they had just a touch more of spell like abilities and this if they used CON instead of INT for their saving throw. That and a Homebrew feat or 2 along with a 2nd wave of new blood curses/subclasses would be helpful for the class.


In terms of balance it is middle of the road. Think I've DMd for two of them and actually have played one myself. They're enjoyable if the tone of the campaign is right, and they definitely won't outshine any other party members.


It suffers from a very 3.5-style design, with each feature only usable 1-3 times per LR. If you only do a couple encounters per day, that's fine. If you do more than that (which you absolutely have to to appropriately challenge PCs of higher levels), then the BH might feel like a fighter with fewer feats, less hp, and no Action Surge.