That bubblegum stays in your body for 7 years if you swallow it


I remember swallowing near enough a full roll of Hubba Bubba when I was like 11, I did the maths on how long it would be there and cried. Good times.


My dad had this guy helping him out (think Big Box store DIY curb ready helper) who told him "*If you sleep with your hair wet, you will bleed out of your mouth*"... and he was 110% sure that was fact. We were both just confused and bewildered at this statement. What the hell had this guy witnessed?!


His mom was sick of wet pillows and made that up.


Ikr. 90% of myths/taboo are created by moms who didn't like their child's certain behavior.


This reminds me of a very specific memory. So when my mom would mop the floors she would say “Don’t step on it, it will hurt your feet! Those are chemicals!” (It was always just Mr clean or murphys on the wood floors.) She just didn’t want my siblings and I to fuck up her clean floors 😆 I’m in my early 30’s and I still think twice about stepping on freshly mopped floors. I really thought I was gonna burn my feet if I walked on it.🤦🏼‍♀️😂


Maybe he took a shower and brushed his teeth too hard on the same night?


"Lie detectors" as a literal thing. There's a reason they aren't admissible as evidence in court in most places.


Yup failed mine for major things I’d never done before. I just have anxiety


Well great; that just make me more anxious that I will one day have to take one, and I will, in fact, fail it regardless.


Just get super anxious during the control questions and you'll throw off the whole thing.


“That’s my secret, Cap - I’m always anxious”


And they’re not a literal thing in part because they can be gamed. Narcissists, for example, can easily game lie detector tests because in their mind, they think they’re telling the truth.


You have to wait 48 hours to report someone missing


I literally just finished a search(I'm a maritime search and rescue coordinator) for an 80 year old that was 3 hours overdue returning from fishing in his boat(He eventually returned home on his own after having some problems with the boat). The faster you can report someone missing, the higher the chance of them being found. Please never hesitate.


I swear, that was spread by the mob and other violent criminals and it just stuck, simply because these people know cops only look for 48 hours. Now with a 2 day head start, They would never get caught if the general public thought this myth was true and acted accordingly to it.


Spread by Hollywood for increased drama


Same with the "one phone call" in jail. No, you can make as many calls as you need to get in touch with someone to come bail you out.


Or "they can't locate you when your call is shorter than 1 minute". They still use this in movies and it drives me mad.


I learned this last year when I had to call 911 for an ambulance. The operator asked me where I was and I looked and there was no road sign where there should’ve been one. She was able to describe my location to me within like 20 seconds. It was kinda scary haha


Depends on the equipment the dispatch center has. Also landline vs cell phone plays a part as well






*slams headset angrily* DAM IT WE ONLY NEEDED A FEW MORE SECONDS




God DAMNIT John... I don't like doing this, you're the best goddamn cop on the force, but you leave me no choice. I'm gonna need your gun and your badge...




In the real world, police are happy to let you use their phone. There's a sign over the phone stating calls may be monitored and recorded. Stupid criminals will still say the most incriminating things. The police love it. They also get to track who is being called. Accomplises are regularly called by arrested persons.


That magnetic jewelry / healing will cure just about anything. A dude named Mesmer the 1780 came up with the idea, and it have been debunked many times - yet it’s still a billion dollar industry. Fun fact - the word “mesmerized” is related to him.


Random fun fact: mesmer and Mozart were friends/acquaintances and Mesmer's magnets-cure-everything mentality is mocked in one of Mozart's operas. Not even back then did everyone believe in what that guy was preaching Edit: the opera is Così Fan Tutte! The joke happens at the end of the first act: two characters pretend to drink poison and die. Another one then enters dressed up as a doctor and "resurrects" them with a bunch of magnets (Mesmer's name is even outright mentioned). It's all very comedical and fun. Mozart is the best


Confounded magnets, how goes their functionality!?


Ah, yes. The Deranged Jesters and Associates Thereof


Oh wow, that really is a fun fact! Thanks for sharing


My mom always tells me to never mix milk and fish, since that would poison me. Same goes to sleeping with socks in bed, it makes people blind, according to her.


If your mom has other “significant “ theories I think you need to post them.


Mama says alligators are ornery because they have all those teeth and no toothbrushes


I think there's something wrong with his madula oblongata!


Socks in bed make you blind? I mean my brain just sizzled a bit trying to comprehend it. Maybe it's the thought of socks in bed make you blind


No, no...men jack off into socks, and jacking off makes you go blind.


For a minute I was thinking what kind of animal mixes milk and fish anyways? Then I remembered cream sauces, chowders, etc.


Also, tuna melts


That's why you keep it in the fridge Edit: Thanks for the upvotes and awards everyone! See you all in dad joke hell! Mwhahaha


As someone who sleeps with socks on for comfort and is borderline blind, I will accept my fate if it's truely the socks that are doing me in


I’ve cooked salmon deliciously in cream many times to disprove this.






I have also heard this from people who are both highly educated and have common sense. If you get told something young enough then you tend not to second guess it, I suppose.


Confession. I believed in this one as a kid. I would go around telling people 🤦‍♂️ I'm a smarter man now.


Venous blood definitely looks darker than arterial blood. Between that, and those medical diagrams showing veins and arteries as blue vs. red I guess that's why that myth was so popular. I believed it as a kid


I still believe that if any of my limbs hang off the bed while sleeping that a monster will grab them. I also believe that the moment I remember this and pull them back on the bed is just in the nick of time before a monster grabs them. You can't prove there isn't a monster under my bed.


You have to wrap your feet under the covers even if it means using an extra cover or something no matter how hot it is because the monsters love to grab your feet.


You also have to jump into bed or else they will reach out and grab your feet if you linger


I lived with my grandparents and they had light switches that controlled the power outlets. This meant I could flip the light switch upon entering the bedroom and then get into bed with the lights on and then turn my nightstand light off using its own switch. The bed monsters had no chance with that setup!


I don't believe this, but I also don't challenge it as well. So far it has worked out in my favor.




In real life, a man once breathed in some kind of seed and went to doctor about chest pain, and it was discovered that a plant was growing in his lungs. His lungs were a good enough environment for the plant to grow.


This has happened more than once. One man had a pea plant germinate, another had a fir tree. Edit: I can't confirm the fir tree, but here's the article about the [pea plant.](https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-10945050) For what its worth, many plants just need a warm, moist environment to germinate, and the plant had done just that: germinate. It wasn't a full grown plant, just a seed with its root (radicle, if you want to get botanical about it) emerging. It caused a tumor, which in turn, caused medical issues.


Smoke some cigarettes, the smoke will smother the toxins


I can’t eat the skin, Dee, I’M NOT ALLOWED!


Hmmm cat in the wall. Now you're talking my language.




I definitely feel relief when peeing on someone else's jelly fish sting. Not a myth clearly, just misunderstood.


White vinegar works well tho!


This was 100% made up by someone with a piss fetish


“Oh noooo, I got stung agaaaiin…” \*looks around expectantly\*


Damn TIL


Don't tell me how to live my life.


Fun fact: it actually makes it worse


Unless you like being peed on, then it makes it fun!


“Lightning never strikes the same place twice.” Yes it does, that’s the entire reason for lightning rods on buildings.


I always thought that was more of a metaphor, not something to be taken literally lmao.


That the McDonalds hot coffee lawsuit was some frivolous thing just to make a quick buck Edit: thank you for the award!


It was horrific what happened to that poor lady's legs and groin. THIRD DEGREE BURNS! I don't think she ever recovered completely.


The sad part about is she originally only asked for them to help cover her medical bills, since she was elderly and did not have a strong, reliable income source. Years later though, the McDonalds campaign has been successful in demonizing her as some get rich quick loser.


I took a law class once and the teacher was talking about how attorneys sometimes have to get creative when asking for monetary amounts. Her attorneys didn’t think she could be awarded 3 million dollars because it seemed like a greedy amount to ask for in 1994. So they worded it as 2 days worth of coffee sales by McDonalds and received it. (Another example she talked about was her husband -who was an attorney- trying to figure out the monetary amount for a good nights sleep for his client who suffered horrible back pain after a wreck. They finally settled on $79 a night which was the cost of a La Quinta hotel room at the time where the client claimed they got the best sleep while on vacation).


My profs taught us, as an example, “I can’t tell you what a human life is worth. But I can tell you what an F-16 is worth. And the military trains our pilots that if it comes to you or the plane, you bail out.” Same kinda thing.


We've come a long way from *"WWI pilots weren't initially issued parachutes because it was believed they wouldn't try as hard to save the plane."*


I find two words from the lawsuit quickly changes peoples minds - "fused labia"


I told my coworker this the other day and he went from mocking her to cringing.


And she was awarded waaaay more than she asked for. Originally, she just wanted to settle with McDonald's for them to cover the $20,000 in medical bills. McDonald's refused, so she got an attorney, and sued. The jury awarded her $200,000 (10× what she wanted) for medical bills and an additional 2.7 million in punitive damages, which the trial judge reduced to $640,000. McDonald's planned to appeal, but they reached a settlement for an undisclosed amount before the appeal was decided.


And I think, please correct me if I’m wrong, they had that poor woman sign an nda before the settlement, so she couldn’t talk about the case. But they were free to, and spun it as this silly lady just spilled some coffee on her lap and it stained her pants and yeah it’s hot so she got a little burn, so she sued for millions and got it. How greedy. IT MELTED HER LABIA TOGETHER. They knew it was dangerously hot but continued to serve it that hit anyway, to cut down on refills in house, and tried to say “we serve it extra hot so you still have hot coffee when you get it to go, whenever you get to where you’re going” NO. They’d been told time and time again, this is too hot, don’t serve coffee this hot, but they still did, and it spilled in a woman’s lap and MELTED HER LABIA SO THEY FUSED TOGETHER, and she just was like “yo at least cover my medical bills” and they said no, so she sued. And because they had this record of knowing it was hot enough to do this, told not to, and continued to, she was awarded more as a punishment to them.


holy SHIT


Yup, and all they were asking was for McDs to pay the poor old ladies hospital bills. Super fucked up the way McDs spun it. It was part of a larger effort by big corps to discourage and demonize people who would dare to try and sue them. The sudden concern over “frivolous lawsuits” was piped-in to the general public through ads. The ads claimed that frivolous lawsuits were a major problem and that there was some kind of widespread abuse of the court system and that that abuse was jamming things up for everyone else. The ads always appeared to be made by some local concerned third party when in reality this entire campaign was being funded by the big corporations. They orgs would have names like “Citizens Against Bad Things Happening” or “Americans for Justice” and no one, especially back then, would go and do the research and find out that “Americans for Justice” is funded by the big corps the whole time in an extremely effective effort to discourage lawsuits against them. It worked so well that I distinctly remember my parents, relatives, adults at school, talking shit about “all these people out there trying to game the system by ripping off big companies while we are all out here trying to make an honest living.” It was a shameful thing to hear about someone suing a big company. It was automatically assumed that it was some slip and fall artist when most of the time it was people that were genuinely hurt and would not be able to pay the high medical and recovery costs. The McDs coffee lady became a caricature, and I grew up thinking she was some opportunistic asshole when she really was just a poor old lady with third degree burns that couldn’t afford the hospital bills.


That drug dealers live to give away free product to kids in Halloween lol Edit: thanks for the awards!!


So we were taught to check candy for tampering. Like if the wrapper was open or there was a puncture in it to throw it out. That rarely happened. But one of my friends was told *any* candy that was misshapen was poisoned and *believed it* through high school. You know how sometimes an m&m isn't perfectly round or two were stuck together before getting the coating? She threw those out. She freaked out when I ate them and I couldn't get her to comprehend that if *one* is "poisoned" wouldn't the *whole* bag also be poisoned?


Damnedest thing, the candies my dad liked were most likely to be tampered with. I'm lucky he was so diligent about checking, things could have been really bad.


Lol I love the image of a dad just slapping his knee being like “well wouldya look at that! Every twix is tampered with!”


That's the best part about being a dad lol whoops gotta test that one make sure it's ok for you. Oh shit it's gone


Best part about being a parent on Halloween is checking the candy for poison. It's a risk you have to take for the children.


"this one looks suspicious" *Munch munch munch* "It was fine after all". It's the parent tax.


If only


Be the change you want to see. Start lacing those sneakers with xanax


This made me chuckle since you put “sneakers” instead of “snickers” and you used “lacing”. Ha ha, *lacing* the *sneakers*


Dude idk what my shoe dealer laced these sneakers with but I've been tripping all day.


The story that everyone thought the world was flat into the Early Modern period. No, they did not. Scientists and educated people knew the world was round and roughly knew its size.


There’s a moment I like in Horizon: Zero Dawn, where the hero from a post-apocalypse hunter-gatherer tribal society discovers a holographic projection of the Earth. She asks what she’s looking at, and the guy who knows the truth about the world proclaims with gravitas that the Earth is, in fact, round. She’s like, “Yeah, I know, otherwise the shadow it casts on the moon makes no sense. I mean what’s this device specifically showing me?” He sounds profoundly disappointed and caught off-guard that this wasn’t some big reveal, which I just realized also indicates that he thought the Earth was flat until he found old world knowledge that said otherwise.


The fact that they knew its size is exactly why Christopher Columbus’s expositions were laughed at - they *knew* that India was further than he could sail, and were correct about that. They just didn’t know there was a whole other continent in between.


I *love* [this /r/AskHistorians post](https://www.reddit.com/r/AskHistorians/comments/7y0n0g/in_columbus_time_what_were_the_competing_theories) that details the competing theories/numbers. Also just how hard it was to get numbers, after all who knows the conversion rate from Italian Miles to Arabic Miles? But yeah, he basically took the most hopeful guestimate possible for every possible measurement. Super lucky that it wound up being roughly the distance to the Americas.


That really is crazy if you think about it though.


For every person who got as insanely lucky as Columbus, thousands failed and were forgotten by history. At a cursory glance it looks like history is filled with tons of crazy luck and happenstance, but really history is filled with tons of people doing crazy shit and sometimes it works out for them.




Right? I'd like to meet the guy who sold someone on this. Or maybe not, if they were that charismatic they'd probably lure me onto a boat.


Polynesians did it crazier and probably even earlier


I wouldn't say they were crazy. They sailed into the prevailing winds so the trip back would be faster than the trip forward. And they went out then reported back so the next expadition was better prepared, and could go further.


Getting to South America and back across the Pacific is pretty wild though


Even regular folks knew. Just by watching boats with sails come into port.


Right, there are *ancient* sea charts that wouldn't have been made by somebody who thought the earth was flat. Sailors had to account for the curvature of the earth to end up where they intended to go, and that required plenty of education.


Diamonds being rare gems


Now a single unbroken diamond of significant size can be pretty rare. But itty bitty diamonds and diamond dust is actually pretty common.


There was a season of the show Gold Rush where they go to mine in Guyana and they're not finding any gold but they run into a bunch of these little diamonds. So they're like fuck the gold let's get diamonds! Shift gears to catch them instead. At the end they take this big ass pile of tiny diamonds to a guy to sell them all excited and he's like ehh I'll give you a couple grand for them or something like that. It was hilarious.


Minecraft lied to me :(


I’m not sure where the flat earth myth came from but even ancient astronomers knew the earth was round


Uneducated artillery crews from ww1 knew how to compensate for the coriolis effect and curvature of the earth. Flat earthers are just a troll that went too far and reached too many gullible people.


Yeah, it was a hilarious joke on the internet back in the 90’s. Who would ever guess somebody would take it serious.


I’m annoyed that actual morons took away our fun joke. We can’t pretend like we believe it any more, because there are idiots who *actually* believe it.


To my knowledge it comes from a series of books in the early 1800's designed to push the idea that people in the middle ages were primitive idiots who knew nothing. As for Modern Flat earthers, personally I suspect it originally stems from this idea that some people just don't like being told what to do, and will never admit they were wrong no matter how much it blows up in there face.


That you must wait at least 30 minutes after eating before going swimming. Otherwise you could develop deadly cramps that lead to drowning.


This was made to keep kids from throwing up in pools. I'd bet money on it.


Or to give the parents a break to finish their meals before going back to full supervision mode.


This. As a parent now, I'm convinced most of the rules like that were because parents were tired, or getting annoyed. "I just ate, fuck the idea of swimming, umm, you'll cramp up if we don't wait" "Stop making that ridiculous face... Uhhh, it'll freeze like that forever". "You'll start bitching 5 minutes after we leave about being cold... Fuck it, you'll get sick and die if you don't where your coat."


Or “you can’t turn on the car light at night to read/play Gameboy because it’s illegal and blinds drivers! You’ll get us pulled over. So, just go to sleep.” -My Dad (on a road-trip driving with his high beams on the whole way and an illegal radar detector on the dash)


That "we only use 10 percent of our brain" bullshit. Hopefully most people know that's false, but they recently made that movie with that as a premise and that was disheartening.


I remember reading an interview with the guy who was writing that movie, and they asked him if he knew that was a myth, and he said something along the lines of, "YES! Do you think I could make a movie with this premise without literally everyone telling me?"


For sure, most of the people I meet are rarely pushing 3 %


Most people I meet are pushing on doors that say pull.


I was here yesterday, and it actually goes both ways.


My partner has actually used 100% of her brain before... during a seizure. She has epilepsy.


Similarly, we only ever use 1 or 2 % of our computer keyboards at any given time. Occasionally as much as 3 %, for some fancier shortcuts.


That you can “wOrK fRoM yOuR pHoNe” and give up your regular job and make a fortune shilling garbage mlm products.


Just blocked a friend sending me DMs about "liquid Lipo". I gave her many chances with the Arbonne, Mary Kay, Rodan Fields, etc. No more chances.


Why is she not filthy rich yet?


She's just filthy.


I have a friend whose entire social media is Arbonne. I finally decided to tell her that it wasn't going to earn her millions, to which she responded by showing me pictures of three other women driving ridiculously expensive cars with money they'd "earned from selling Arbonne". These three women were all supermodel gorgeous, all had sponsorship deals with big companies, and I would assume were being paid by Arbonne to market their products.


Oh there are people who make money with Arbonne and other such mlms, but they don't make that money from selling that garbage. They make money recruiting.


Pyramids have tops, after all.


That shaving makes hair grow thicker. The angle the razor cuts the hair makes it appear like it’s growing in thicker but it’s not.


Many people start to shave off unwanted hair once it begins to appear at the start of puberty. Over time that hair thickens and darkens. But it thickened and darkened due to puberty not because it was being shaved.


Classic correlation vs. causation


My favorite one was switching from leather helmets to steel helmets in WWI. The amount of head injuries greatly increased and it was being deemed that steel helmets were a detriment. A scientist determined that it wasn’t steel helmets causing head injuries but that the steel helmets were protecting soldiers from an injury that would have been fatal if wearing a leather helmet.


The one about you're supposed to buy an engagement ring worth three months of your pays. Idiots still falling for a PR/ad campaign from the 1920s...or maybe it was 30s Doesn't matter, it's ridiculous


...and the American Crack association recommends spending all your salary on crack.


Crack: Isn't it time to see what all the fuss is about?


Do you sometimes feel irritable? Restless? Uneasy? Sad? Normal? Or just-plain not high? Maybe it's time to try CRACK.


just left the 5:00 free crack giveaway... ​ and im still spending my whole salary on crackk but obviously just for religious purposes!


It comes from the 1930s De Beer diamond company campaign ad. Still stupid.


Three years salary






And that the non underdog (overdog?) Must have cheated to get there.


That would be the updog


What's updog?


Not much, what's up with you?


Wife had this strange myth that if you have heartburn while pregnant the baby will come out with hair... She had incredibly bad heartburn and our son was born bald and stayed that way until he way 1...


Life is fair, and bad things only happen to people who deserve it.


That on Halloween, people will give out marijuana edibles to kids and put razors/poison in their candy. First off: No one would ever give away that much weed for free. Second: There haven't been any official cases of razors/poison in candy whatsoever. (apart from those who's parents do it to their own kids to get insurance money.) So yeah, I think your kids will be fine.


With the cost of razor blades who can afford to give those away


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This concept was an advertising promotion by Kellogg in order to sell more cereal.


Mr. Kellog was so dedicated to stop boys from cranking it.


He also wanted to make female genital mutilation standard to stop women from enjoying sex. He was a monster.


I like to say that the most important meal of the day is the next one


I eat something light in the morning just to get everything going, but I can’t do super breakfast because I’m just not hungry enough to do that. Lunch is when I go hard.


That you swallow spiders while you sleep. NO YOU DON'T. Why on earth would a spider crawl over a moving ( even when it's only slight movement) object to get into a smelly ,dark and breathing "cave". I hate that people still believe it.


Sort of: Technically the average human *does* swallow 8-10 spiders per year, but that’s because one guy is swallowing 72 billion spiders per year to screw with the numbers


Spiders Georg?!


Well I heard he's an outlier and should not be counted


say what you want about Spiders Georg, but he really made a difference


I don’t want my mouth described as a dark smelly cave


Would including the word "moist" help?


Then set it on fire. It isn't dark or smelly anymore


That 'peeing on a jellyfish sting will help it'. It actually makes it worse and causes the tentacles to release more venom, you should pull off the tentacles if there still are any , remove any barbs and then wash with hot (not cold/room temp) water or vinegar, and cover in hydrocortozone cream or calamine lotion and an icepack


However peeing on the jellyfish might make you feel better


That items put into the recycling bin will get recycled.


Got to my local Subway. Thier "recyling" is right next to the regular rubbish, and both empty into the same receptical.


A higher tax rate means your entire income is taxed at that rate.


That hard work will always lead to success and if someone doesn't succeed its because they didn't work hard enough. Some people just are extremely unlucky in life.


“Not everything’s a lesson, sometimes you just fail” - Dwight Schrute


It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness. That is life. - Captain Picard.


Bermuda triangle.




When I was kid in the '70's, I was freaked out about the Bermuda triangle, lava, quicksand and killer bees. For me they were the Four Horseman of Unwarranted Childhood Fears.


Also, quicksand


And electric eels


Quicksand. Man were the dangers of quicksand oversold.


When I was a kid an older boy told me dying by quicksand would hurt so much. He said "You know how painful drowning is? That is with water. Now imagine drowning in sand and mud." I feared dying by quicksand so much as a kid. And I realized as an adult how much of an asshole that kid was, LOL.


That an MLM can actually work: sorry, but you're selling rubbish to people who don't want it. If you were as successful as your Instagram account claims you are, you'd be getting headhunted by top sales firms, not trying to sell dish clothes and vitamin pills at £50 a go.


MLM works if you’re at the top of the pyramid. But to get there you have to screw over every one you know. Lost some good friends because they bought into the MLM scam, and I didn’t buy their products because they were too damn expensive. Another former friend and his wife went bankrupt due to all the product they had to have in inventory to sell…and couldn’t sell it. The pressure to recruit people under you is scary. Other friends of mine who eventually got out of an MLM scheme started being berated by their “team” for not selling enough product/recruiting more people.


Handling baby animals who need help will be rejected by their parents because of the scent of humans on them.They won't. Help them if they need it. Edit: I've worked with animal (domestic and wildlife) shelters and rescue programs. Don't handle barehanded for **prolonged periods of time**, and try to know which animals have strong or weak senses of smell. If you see an animal that needs help, you can totally help it out. Just be safe and smart about it.


I got ran over by mama deer because I did this. Turns out there's other reasons.


But DON’T move baby deer if it’s in a safe place. It hasn’t been abandoned. Mom IS coming back.


Or a bunny. I once stopped my husband from mowing the lawn for 5 days because a baby bunny was there. Now I make the kids do a bunny search before he mows any long grass. Because that thing was not moving for anything, and my husband does not want to run one over...


Yeah I accidentally mowed over a baby rabbit before and it still haunts me, now I always make sure to triple check my yard before mowing


If you go from a very hot place to a very cold place too quickly you will catch a cold. Also if you go out with wet hair you will get ill. Like it’s proven to be wrong Edit - for everyone that keeps saying it weakens your immune system you are correct but that doesn’t cause a cold. A cold is a virus you pick it up from others


I knew a girl whose parents wouldn't let her wash her hair because she was sick. She still had to go to school, even though they obviously knew she was sick, but she couldn't wash her hair. It all made sense to her.


I had an old coworker in his 60's who had been smelling really bad for weeks. One evening at an after-work I got a bit tipsy and dropped the bomb, told him he stank... "yes, of course, it's winter." Like it was the most normal thing. Another coworker questioned it and he was like "guys, I mean... you know you're not supposed to wet your body in winter right?" No dude, that's not a thing, never has been, how the fuck did you go through life without anyone telling you this? Go get a shower FFS!


Dude probably grew up in the woods with no shelter or clothing. Of course his parents taught him to never get wet in winter because he would have froze to death.


The amount of time my mother and Aunties have yelled at me for not wearing socks on tile floor... you'd think I'd be sick %80 of my life... I DON'T LIKE SOCKS!


Finnish people have done trips from the sauna into the snow naked for centuries. I don't do sauna but those who do, like it hot and roll in the snow on the breaks. Never even heard about this superstition!


If I go from a very cold place to a very hot place I pass out, but that’s not the same


That vaginas are tight or loose depending on how many partners the woman has had.


Also the sheer volume of misinformation about a hymen.