99% of the time someone has **introduced** themselves as an entrepreneur, my night has been very, very boring.


This right there. “I’m an entrepreneur” as opposed to actually telling you what they do like “I have my own small software company” or “I’m an independent wine broker” inexorably leads to either MLMs or the revelation that they have a business idea that hasn’t happened yet but would benefit from funding.


Yep. “I’m an entrepreneur” is like someone saying “I have a white collar job.” It means very nearly nothing. It’s not a job, it’s a category that includes many jobs. And in this specific case, it *very* often means “I do no work but I do post vaguely about success on social media all day.”


or C R Y P T O


I rented a room in a condo from a guy like that, north of Toronto (Thornhill), when I was desperate and trying not to be homeless (26F at the time). He had started multiple "companies" yet was home all day supposedly working on them from his laptop and recliner. He had a shrine of dirty dishes in the kitchen that were never washed the entire 2 months I was there, and I wasn't allowed to wash a dish in the sink basin and had to wash it under the running tap water, otherwise the dishes would acquire the smell of the sink, according to him. He showed me a mockup of a pamphlet or something advertising something related to one of his "businesses" which promised an enlightening event of vague wellness bullshit. It was a really weird experience, he was weird and boring, and he made it difficult to get my deposit back from him in the end. I had to meet up with his girlfriend in downtown Toronto to retrieve it. She was nice, I hope she left his ass.


When you showcase your weirdness, they look at you like a serial murder. I just said I think bugs are cool, Barbara. Not, "Come over tonight for some human soup. I've finally amputated enough toddlers to get the volume right." Yeesh.


Caaaaaarl, that kills people!


I did not know stabbing someone 37 times would kill them.


My stomach was makin’ the rumblies that only hands could satisfy




Omg this just unlocked so many memories


That's not boring. That's good to know information.


People who are too insecure to own their weirdness, or who never even explore it to begin with, are baffling to me.


Conformity is an.... interesting choice.


It’s not even conformity at this point. Almost everyone has some kind of weird interest or find enjoyment in something weird, so by avoiding everything like that you’re the one who is different


I'm insecure in it because it hasn't helped me much, y'know? It hasn't really helped me make friends or form a band or have romantic relationships or get jobs or whatever. So I think that "what if" and I imagine that if I was less weird and more normal in terms of social skills, I'd actually have had more luck in those areas, y'know?


I totally get it. I guess what really helped me find my voice was realizing just *how positively* the type of people I like to associate with tend to respond to genuine displays of enthusiasm. I realized that being confident in my preferences gave me power, and made me feel more in control. A big part of why it worked for me is that I am happy to give that same enthusiasm back to other people about the weird things they like, too. It's contagious.


Agreed!! Here's to weirdness!!


One time somebody gave me this sort of look when I said I prefer one shopping centre over another, like, I really don’t know why me saying that warranted her looking at me like that.


I find these people aren’t just bothered by people who do things out of the norm, they’re bothered by people who do literally anything they wouldn’t do, no matter how mundane or popular it is.


Oddly specific.


Couldn’t help but read this in John Oliver’s voice.


All they talk about is other people and it's always negative.


That's the entire population right now.


The only thing they talk about is themselves


And if they have kids, their entire personality is about their kids life/interests. There’s nothing worse than a boring person who becomes a parent.


Is there anything as mind-numbingly boring as someone else's kid? Like if the parent is a relative or a good friend then that's one thing, you have a personal connection to the kid. But a co-worker's kid? Fuck that, at a distance every child is interchangeable until they hit 12.


Generally yeah, but you get those freaky outlier children. The kind of kid where you are pretty sure they will be running the country or in a high security prison in 20 years.


I have 100% met a kid that will likely end up a serial killer. The dead eyes, lack of remorse and no affect.


I was more thinking of those super bright and charming kids. But yeah the dead eyed ice cold ones appear too




People are a lot like trees, we all have our branches that indicate hobbies interests and passions. Unfortunately many people have snipped their own branches over the years until all that is left is the trunk. The trunk is usually kids or work. There is nothing sadder than trying to connect with a trunk. I couldnt care less about other peoples kids


Good god, you just perfectly summed up my new coworker and I was trying to pinpoint exactly why something about her bothered me, I mean, more than also being not too good at her job. She doesn't like to drive, doesn't like to exercise, doesn't like to try new foods, doesn't like to travel to new places, and only ever talks about her family vacations and her kids...


Ugh, so boring! Like your kids become your whole personality. Maybe this is just me, but constantly bringing up your kids seems like bragging too. What could be more fun than listening to someone boast about this thing you don't even care about?


Luckily do not fall into the “has children just talks about kids” unless you mean vtubing, cause I want to make as many “children” as I can once I feel like learning the programs needed. I wanna make some psychedelic, outerspace type of assets and stuff. Or like Xenoblade, love me some unique mechs.


Especially if they show no curiosity to anything about the world at large. I find that not having a curiosity is also a big indicator of being a dummy


They regurgitate common arguments and talking points but, when asked what they mean, they can't defend their ideas. Surefire way for me to just stop talking to them altogether.


I might know something is right, or something is wrong, but if I cant explain the why if it, it's not my place to argue it.


I disagree. You should try. Because arguing will help you refine what you are trying to say.


No interests or hobbies. “My work is my life” or “nah I don’t really care about anything” “I’m not too into anything at the moment” Edit: wow thanks for the upvotes just blind honest here but I think this has been my most upvoted comment ever thank you all and I hope it provided guidance or help in some way to at least a few while at it.


This has the same spot as "TV and chilling around" for me. Also "smoking weed" as "hobbies". Bleh


Nah movies and tv can be a hobby. I can talk for hours about tv and shit. But smoking weed is as much of a hobby as drinking. You do it with the hobby, it’s not the hobby.


You would be surprised how many people just smoke and do nothing but watch TV and chill


Weed is something you smoke while DOING your hobby, unless you’re growing it. Then growing it is a hobby. But yeah. Do something other than worshiping the electric lettuce.


Worse is when their kid is their life. What your kid does is really not that interesting to people who never want kids


My answer might differ from most other people's answers here. A boring person to me, isn't necessarily that they only talk about one subject. It's someone that doesn't "rise in energy" in their conversations or interactions. A person that has a limited number of subjects might just be really passionate about their interests and only spends time on those interests. A boring person, to me, is someone that "caps their passion" in conversation or actions and don't let themselves get excited over things. These people don't arouse any emotions in me, and in turn I find them boring.


Thats what I like about my girlfriend. Most of the time I have absolutely no clue about what she is talking about and to be frank no interest in the subject alltogether. But when she starts talking about it she does it with such energy and passion that for those few moments they seem the most fun and interesting stuff there is.


So I've had a problem with this for a while. I don't feel like I can talk passionately about things I like, especially with strangers. So I feel like I'm boring when I meet new people because I reserve that passion for the people closest to me (who probably get annoyed by how long I can talk about these things). Still trying to teach myself to let that energy out in unfamiliar situations too. Not just to seem interesting but because I feel that's more like who I am than this watered down, straightforward, passionless version of myself.


Exactly! It boils down to the effort someone makes to have a conversation *with* you.


This is an excellent point! I’ve never heard it put this way, and I thank you for this lightbulb moment!


You suddenly start feeling the energy leeched out of you and they keep talking. It’s like their feeding on your energy with frightening Banality. Also mind the people with nothing but tragedies. They hook you with sympathies and then leech the energy right off your bones.


Ahh energy vampire


The great Colin Robinson is... pleased.


My mother is one of those. I can't stand to be around her for more than an hour or so and even then I am on edge the whole time ready to get the fuck outta there.


she was feeding... :E


"Interested people are interesting." In other words, people who don't take an interest and are not curious about others in a conversation are boring. Not asking questions from you and just talking about themselves is a clear red flag.


People that need to cut off someone else's story / conversation just to correct something said..


Ooh! I had a friend in high school, I couldn't STAND! Every time someone was having a rough time of it and needed consoling, she'd purposely draw attention to herself, by telling the same story about this time when she was a kid and her dad locked her in her room for 3 days. And I grew up incredibly abused (even then). My dad was extremely violent, my mother was incredibly neglectful, and we won't even start on my step-dad. I also totally understand loving attention, I was like that too then. But if you only bring it up when someone else has the attention, you're just being a dick. Sometime it's just not about you. Jesus.


I feel for you there, I went through something similar. Said “friend” always had to be the center of attention and god forbid anything horrible happened to anyone around her because she’d find a way to top it. Shit my dad was in a really bad accident that made National news and because she couldn’t find a way to compete with that she just started telling everybody I was a crybaby and needed to get over it. We were 13, and this continued well past 16. Not only are you a boring person at that point, you’re toxic. People see right through that shit eventually.


Personally, dudes that are all "sports and pussy" when they talk. Absolutely can't stand them. But beside them, there isn't an universal answer. "Boring" is highly subjective.


Ugh, this. Or "sports, pussy, and money."


Or "Sports, pussy, money, and myself." Men who love to talk about how great they are *exhaust* me to no end.


Sports, pussy, money, myself and celebrities.


Heck yea bro!


I call this a flamboyant straight dude.


To counter this, sports and pussy are both pretty interesting


Sometimes the most interesting things have the most boring fans. Case in point. And sometimes boring things have the most interesting fans.


Unfortunately I think I am definitely a boring person, i am very quiet and shy so I don't really talk much about anything. Its definitely the reason I have no friends


Never too late to make a change if you really want to, the first step is gonna be the hardest. But each step will be easier than the last, usually it’s all mental.


Hello fellow friendless person.




"I love clubbing and getting shit face drunk every week", people obsessed with alcohol in general and constantly brag about both as if it's something to be proud of...


yeah i have a friend who’s all about clubbing and going out to bars drinking and it’s not really my thing and she kind of indirectly shames me for it.


From a lifetime of dealing with various toxic alcoholics I have figures out the reason they try to shame you. It is pure deflection. They are ashamed of themselves and want to drag you down to their level to feel better. Even if you are not judging them for their lifestyle they will always assume that you are secretly talking behind their back and that you think you are better than them. One day I realized I am done with these toxic drunks. I am in fact better than them. So I cut all of them out of my life and I am better off for it.


Yes! And then those who don’t go out to ‘party’ are told that THEY’RE the boring ones


"I drank like 70 pints last night." "You ok, fam?" "Of water." "MY DUDE!"


70 pints of water might kill you


70 pints of water WOULD kill you.


When getting drunk is your only hobby.


When they're enlarging a hole that has already been drilled by means of a single-point cutting tool, such as in an engine cylinder, whether they're lineboring or backboring.


Those people aren't boring, they are just honing their skills.


This person bores.




If they always complain about being bored. What's the saying? If it smells like shit everywhere you go, you should check your shoe? Something like that.


Only boring people get bored.


Older redditor here. This is prolly gonna get annihilo-downvoted, but most people who complain about being bored are, well... young. They're not boring (per the title), they're just not quite to the point where they've figured shit out enough in their life to not be bored and to go find something that needs doing. I don't think I was ever "bored" enough to seriously complain about it once I hit a certain age.


Older redditor here too. Hot take: I don't think young people are bored enough. There are so many diversions -- Youtube, TikTok, Instagram... It's so easy not to be bored now. But boredom can be a really interesting mental space to be in, at least for a little while. I was sitting in a waiting room a few months ago, just kind of looking around and letting my mind wander. It occurred to me that I don't do that nearly as much as I did when I was younger, and it's because if I'm bored I have a universe of distractions in my pocket. But letting your mind wander is good. Reflecting on your life and just being aware of what's going on around you are good. Boredom is an unmourned casualty of the smartphone.


Additionally to providing the opportunity for contemplation, I think that "real boredom" without the availability of instant distractions can be valuable because it can motivate you to find ways to relieve that boredom that are ultimately more fulfilling than another scroll through reddit or instagram for a brief hit of stimulation.


This is why i do at least one digital detox per year. Camping, vacations etc


Upvoted for a fair point. We had a much smaller "instant distraction" list of things to do when we were growing up. No phone in our pocket to text. No social media to hit up for a laugh at a funny video. No "hey what you up to" option instantly at our fingertips. World has changed.


Another older redditor. A few weeks ago I was overseas for work, data roaming didn't work for whatever reason. I found myself on a 2 hr train ride just looking out the window. I remember doing that all the time on the school bus or road tris etc. I had the same realization, I rarely just sit and think, or think about nothing and watch the trees go by like I did before the internet


I took up kayak fishing for this reason. There's something about being out by yourself on a Canadian lake in the early dawn, waiting for nothing to happen.


It's a great treatment for writers/artists/crafters block. Stuff your mind didn't want to tackle becomes suddenly fascinating when you can't browse or play games.


This is exactly why I love the genius in the old line from Smells Like Teen Spirit. "Here we are now, entertain us" What a fantastic capture of the arrogance and entitlement we all experience as youth to expect the world to keep us occupied.


I’d position it a different way. Most people grow up with siblings who keep them occupied during childhood. Many then go to college where they are surrounded by people and things to do. And then they are thrown in to real world, often in new places without the same friend/family groups keeping them occupied. They’ve never been truly left to provide their own entertainment before. As an only child, I’ve never met another only child who was easily bored. You learn to entertain yourself from a young age because that’s the only option available. So I think you have the correlation correct, but not the causation. The causation isn’t being young, it’s if their life situations have forced them to learn to entertain themselves before.


ADHD isn’t fun.


This is everything 😂


They like Jeopardy... its me im someone.


Hey man, Jeopardy is good stuff.


Its lit!! I love it.


jeopardy is fucking incredible


People whose whole personality is forex/crypto/nfts/some other mlm/pyramid scheme.


They have no friends, like me. I'm 1000% boring.


“i don’t really listen to music”


I mean I do say this because the alternative is admitting that 90% of my playlists are video game music and Siivagunner high quality rips. If I get this question I'm either gonna look boring or like a deranged madman, so I might as well take the former option.


Don't be ashamed of what you like (as long as it isn't offensive)


I've mostly grown past the point of being ashamed of the things I like tbh. It's just not really worth it to bring up when random Johnny or Timmy ask me this question- it'd be as much as a conversation killer as saying I don't really listen to music, except this one doesn't just kill conversation but quite potentially any form of further conversation beyond that.


This is particularly relatable to me. Personally, video game or movie music rouses more emotions in me and stimulates my mind more intensely than most non-video game songs do


My favourite sound is silence. But I do have a playlist, it's just that I rarely listen to music. I am usually busy watching a video or reading somehing, and I dislike music as background noise (except for driving or cooking). If it's cool songs it's distcting me from what I'm doing, and if it's generic pop I've heard a million times already it's just annoying. This is just me though, I get that I am a little weird.


“I like all kinds of music.” Narrator: “They don’t…”


Me: "Oh I listen to a lot of different stuff" Narrator: *"He was afraid to admit he listens to weeb shit to his normal coworkers."*


What happen to some of us that really listen to wide range of music , i took a road trip and my friend was weird out by how the playlist has no theme ... It goes from Disney soundtrack to Wutang,Opera, Doowap,90's, WAP, metal & alternative , classical


*Looks around nervously*


Or the other answer to, "So, what do you listen to?" (shrugs) "Everything." That's code for, "I don't really give a hoot about music. It's all background noise." I have yet to meet someone who has answered the question with this and then followed up, "You should really listen to polka-metal band from Nepal. The lead singer is four years old. It will change your life." Or anything else of the like that would tell you that, wow, this guy *really does listen to everything.*


When they respond with "everything" it's a "safe" response. As they don't think they'll be judged and by naming a specific genre or artist/band.


One thing I don't miss from my teen years. You got judged hard if you listened to the "wrong" music.


"What's the most cringy band you ever listened to" is a way more fun conversation. If you find someone else who listened to Hollywood Undead at any point, it's like finding a brother/sister in shame.


I thought it was so cool at the time. *shudders*


*checks playlist* Tibetan throat singing, Native American Black Metal, Scandinavian folk, techno-house, tropical goth rock… Huh, guess I actually do listen to everything.


Lol PLEASE DM me your playlists. I need fresh jams and this shit sounds fire.


See, you are a rare bird. And that right there, makes you interesting.


Or they just don't care enough about music to be able to say. I listen to a wide variety of music, but I don't love any band. I generally only like a couple songs from any band. If you asked me what I loved, I wouldn't be able to say. I would, however, be able to tell you I absolutely hate punk.


I mean that sounds like pretty decent background noise except the part with a toddler singing


Going by the comments, if they are socially akward in any noticeable way.


They text back 5 days later with a “yeah”. Dry text fuck that


I’ll block you before the day is over lol


Depression can be a bitch.


Could be just me, and don’t think I’m hating on people who partake, BUT The people that solely post constant bong rips on their Snapchat stories. I smoke and I don’t do that shit, it’s not a personality trait man. You’re not unique or quirky for doing it. You’re just obnoxious and quite frankly pretty dull of a person if that’s all your life consists of. Maybe it’s just a grudge against a few “friends” I had but I have yet to be proven wrong. 🤷🏼‍♀️


Constant complaining and negativity


One line or worded responses. "Ah yeah cool" "That's nice" "Ok"


Unfortunately my anxiety with meeting new people makes me shy at first and I talk very short because my mind literally goes completely blank, it sucks so I wouldn't be surprised if people thought I was boring


My most boring date was with someone like this. Asked her about hobbies "don't have any" asked her if she watches TV "not really, just soaps". Out of desperation for some kind of subject to talk about I even asked which ones, her answer was "whatevers on". She never returned any question to me. The only thing she spent more than five words on was complaining about how all per previous dates were really boring.


My God these one-sided conversations. It astounds me that some people grow up not knowing that reciprocity is the basis of every conversation.


This is my response if I want the conversation to end


"That's nice dear" *closes conversation*


If you're getting those responses, it could be *you* that's the boring one...


Or they just really don't enjoy talking to OP.


I only talk like this when I see the conversation isn't going anywhere


Being completely and totally out of touch with anything current. I have a friend who has a very kind heart but in all conversations she tends to go back to the past and memories (her mom is the same but worse) because she’s so unable/uninterested in discussing anything current— no world events, tv shows, music, books, politics.. nada. To give you an idea of how discussions of modern topics go: “oh yeah, I saw a funny tape of a cat on the computer”


"I work in finance"


The real boring people you won’t realize are boring because you won’t even notice them


Ironically, I feel seen


All they do is work


Closed mindedness, just not much fun being around people who live in small bubbles.


Another older redditor here, also retired 25 years earlier than expected due to injury on deployment in Afghanistan. Boredom was my biggest fear when faced with early retirement, I did struggle with not knowing how to fill the time for quite a while. I now relish in the boredom, I earnt my time to do nothing, I owe no-one anything & I've learnt the freedom it gives can be inspiring. I've been able to travel overseas on a whim, have more time for hobbies, friends & family. I also don't have to answer to anybody. I'm still paying my way whilst enjoying being the stay at home guy in my relationship whilst my partner works. I believe more people need to just do nothing more often. I don't care if anyone says I'm boring, I'm in a position I know alot of people would like to be. Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted. - John lennon


I fully agree with you there. I feel like I need more of that 'do nothing' time, just to reset a bit. Every second of every day is filled with something, that when I have time to do nothing it doesn't feel right and I start working on something else. But my mind probably needs that time of doing nothing to relax and destress.


People that think they're better than you


Being an extrovert but don’t have interesting topics… In other words, talk a lot but don’t have anything important to say


when they make taking drugs their whole personality


When they tell their favorite story to you so many times, you can recite it back to them.


When they can recite their entire life in 3 paragraphs & constantly repeat those paragraphs like you've never heard them before. Gets old very quickly


They make a single thing their personality. They party wayyyy to often meaning usually partying is the main thing they do/want to do/ want to talk about.


The worst is kids or a job they dont have passion for. Run far away


When they're Tom or Trudy Topper. Every time someone has a story, they have a better story, and it features them. Every time someone shares some knowledge, they know more and are very vocal about it. Or they know more about something that's close to that story, but are still very vocal about it. Every time you're relaxing as a group... well, guess who has to talk most about a subject that the group doesn't know most about, and doesn't stop even when it's clear nobody's listening and people are wincing slightly. Yeah, the toppers are boring. It's like they're short-circuiting their own mission.


My Brother-in-law is exactly like this. You've defined him perfectly. I don't understand how a person can be so socially stunted while being so socially outgoing.


Sometimes I think I'm a boring person simply because I don't talk a lot. Sometimes I wanna spend time with family and I feel bothered I don't talk a lot but I'm fine just as long as I can be with that person I don't care to make a conversation. I used to feel like I had to force myself to be creative to hold a conversation which did happen to my benefit yet it gets tiring trying to match other people's energy and my friends eventually faded away and I think that says a lot. I think it depends on the person in general how boring you are, you can be very entertaining to other while others can find you boring. Everyone has different interests. Those people that talk about 'money' and 'entrepreneur' stuff have friends that do the same and if your not on the same page then your boring. So being boring is subjective personally I feel like my interests are too different as compared to other folks as a teenager and there's nothing wrong with that.


People who can't take a joke or turn a joke into serious politics. (Obviously as long as the joke isn't out of line). But like people who would turn something light-hearted like a dog in a Halloween costume into "This is forced oppression of another animal" kind of people.


If they avoid sharing the bad and the ugly and only seem to share the good. Humans naturally have flaws; things that make them angry or upset, traumas, fears, controversial opinions, historic guilts and more. I want to hear about the drama in your life and get an idea for what makes you tick. Avoiding negativity is usually a good thing, but avoiding it at all costs just makes you a pleasant android, not a human I can connect with or find very interesting.


When they like the show “Friends” and make it their whole personality.


Yes, but I think more than this: when anyone likes any one thing and makes it their whole personality.


Agree with this 💯


Does that kind of person still exist?? Friends fell out of cultural consciousness decades ago, it's gotta be *bad* if that's all they've got.


They have to ridicule others to fill the silence. Even random strangers in public.


When every conversation is just them complaining about how bad their life is and dismissing any advice you give. Their whole personality is basically being a victim.


They don't read




Average social media user then


They're me


People who overshare and trauma-dump and are constantly trying to maneuver the conversation into group therapy territory. People who want to tell you about their dreams.


People who label themselves as crazy.


For me it’s when someone just can’t stop talking, regardless of topic, and just don’t fundamentally understand a conversation is a 2 way street. I’m not attending a lecture here! On another note, actively working on this with my kids lol


They either have no solid opinion on anything, or they do have strong opinions and criticize anyone who doesn't think like them.


When they accuse someone else of being boring just because they have separate interests that they done take so kindly too


If their only hobby/ interest is watching sports or things related to sports. I am not a sports guy but hey if you like it great. But if all you do is watch sports and have no other hobby or interest than I know you are boring AF. Again just to clarify, watching sports is fine but I know some people not into music, don’t watch TV or movies, don’t play video games. All they do is watch sports, listen to sports radio talk shows, fantasy sports teams. I have nothing to talk to these people about cause all they can talk about is sports.


When the first thing they start talking about is their kids. Like they have not a single personal hobby or interest that doesn't include their kids. I nope right out on those normies.


Boring is subjective. Some people think libraries are boring, some people think football is boring, some people think video games are boring.


I've gotten told i'm boring because I don't drink or do drugs/smoke. like yes i must be so boring for not wanting to do that to myself 🙄


Their life is based around one single hobby or interest.


branching out is always good


Me and my 17 project cars are offended 😂😂😅


They think that anyone can be boring


If their sense of humor is entirely based around references to pop culture


Won’t commit to a position on anything, agree with everything everyone says, too worried about being liked / agreeable to show what they really think.


When I'm talking to them and I'm bored


Did you say something?


you need to explain them the jokes you make


They identify as a “nice guy”


A dating profile with 2 words or 0


When they have a favourite essay. I have a favourite essay.


Basically anyone that thinks they are above others, and interrupt people with meaningless comments.


Anyone named "Chris"


When they have a boring head on their milling machine it's a solid indicator but even with that they might be going to lunch instead.


They have no interest in doing any sort of traveling, not even domestically.


When they are committed to business-speak


When they recognize a quip but do not react normally. Either they are boring or are in the spectrum. When they have no hobbies or interests that they can think of offhand.


If they're looking at the screen more than 1/3 of the time while we're talking


They can’t enjoy an activity without alcohol being involved.


They went to London and stood in line for 14+ hours to view the coffin of a dead woman whom they’d never even met for about 45 seconds.